Firefly Toothbrush Review

firefly+toothbrush Firefly Toothbrush Review

Now that my son is using his new Firefly Toothbrush,  I do not have to remind him to brush his teeth every morning and every night.

My son is fortunate to have great dental care, but there are many children that do not.  All across the country, there are children at risk for a chronic illness that accounts for more missed school days than any other…dental disease.  Firefly recently captured some great footage of kids learning to brush their teeth properly as well as some powerful soundbytes from dental authorities on the cavity crisis and steps that are being taken to solve it.

I have have witnessed first hand, the effect that the Firefly Light Up Toothbrush has on my son.  Let me just say, it is usually difficult to get him to brush at least twice a day and for one minute.  Now with his new light up toothbrush he is definitely brushing for one minute and twice a day.  When the package arrived with his new toothbrushes, he brushed his teeth immediately.  The toothbrush lights up encouraging him to brush for one minute without him realizing the time has gone by.  The toothbrush lights up green first, letting him know to start brushing, then after 30 seconds a yellow light flashes, letting him know he is almost done and then 30 seconds later a red light flashes, which means he is all done.  Of course he loves the fact that it has the flashing lights, but the toothbrush comes in cool styles with his favorite characters.  He has Spider Man and Angry Birds.

firefly+toothbrush Firefly Toothbrush Review
All done, flashing red.

I am happy that Firefly is promoting healthy dental habits for children.  It is important for them to start young.  Having healthy teeth is so important to your health.  Also, dental visits can be very expensive, but if your child is brushing properly a lot of expense can be spared.

Dr. Fresh, Firefly toothbrush can be purchased at amazon-   Dr. Fresh Kids Firefly Lightup Timer Toothbrush – 2 Eafirefly+toothbrush Firefly Toothbrush Review  or at CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, Albertsons, Target, CVS, Toys R US or

The new Firefly Toothbrush has turned a what seemed like a daily chore into something fun.

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firefly+toothbrush Firefly Toothbrush Review