The Mercy Prayer Review

The+Mercy+Prayer The Mercy Prayer Review

Lord Have Mercy, is a prayer that I believe I have heard and prayed all of my life.  Mercy Prayer: The One Prayer Jesus Always AnswersThe+Mercy+Prayer The Mercy Prayer Review by Robert Gelinas, is an amazing powerful book that has opened my eyes to why this prayer was one of the first prayers I have ever heard, why I speak it several times a day and why I have passed it on to my children as well as my parents did with me.

Ironically, when I decided to pick up The Mercy Prayer, I had been going through a storm and this book reminded me of God’s mercy and all of the goodness he has in store for me.  This a book that I will use as a reference along with the Bible when I am going through something.  It is an easy read that speaks to me in layman’s terms.  I do not normally read books more than once, but I would not be surprised if I read it more than one time.

After reading the Mercy Prayer I look at the prayer in a different light.  I have a better understanding of what this prayer means and now I find myself uttering this prayer more often than before.

I am excited about The Mercy Prayer, I have shared my excitement about this book with others and am hoping they will purchase it.

Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever, Amen.

Disclosure: Product/compensation was received in exchange for review.

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The+Mercy+Prayer The Mercy Prayer Review