LouAna Pure Coconut Oil Review

Coconut+Oil LouAna Pure Coconut Oil Review

LouAna Coconut Oil is the reason my daughter now eats homemade popcorn.  For years she would not eat popcorn made at home until today, when she tried the popcorn I prepared with LouAna Coconut Oil.

LouAna 100% Pure Coconut Oil.  Is a natural, delicious alternative to butter, shortening, and other oils, coconut oil is incredibly versatile and gives your favorite meals a healthy twist. Its neutral flavor and aroma lend themselves well to sautéing veggies, baking, making stews and soups, and even popping popcorn!
LouAna Pure Coconut Oil contains zero trans-fat, is vegan, non-GMO, and adds wonderful texture to flaky baked dishes like pies, tarts, and biscuits. Pure and nutritious, LouAna 100% Pure Coconut Oil will quickly become your best friend in the kitchen.
Straight from the test kitchens and taste-test approved, LouAna has created a series of five signature recipes featuring its 100% Pure Coconut Oil, including baking favorites like Classic Pecan Pie with Pecan Nut Crust and Rustic Cranberry-Apple Cobbler as well as family staples Winter Vegetarian Chili with Whole-Wheat Buttermilk BiscuitsChicken Pot Pie, and Whole-Wheat Citrus Waffles with Wild Blueberry Sauce.
This coconut oil feels very smooth, when spooning it out it slides off well.  The one pint I received will last a while, because you do not have to use a lot when cooking.  
I prepared my popcorn in a small pot over the stove.  I added a teaspoon of coconut oil and then my yellow popcorn.  I could have prepared it in a popper, but I like to make my popcorn this way.  I insisted my daughter try the popcorn.  She was definitely surprised.  She thought was tasty.  She asked me several times if I had put butter on the popcorn, because the oil is smooth it gives it a smooth like butter taste or feel.  It was very delicious.  Now popcorn cooked with LouAna Pure Coconut oil well be a regular snack.  
I plan on preparing other dishes with this pure coconut oil.  
Coconut oil is popping up everywhere these days as a great vegan product. While it’s wonderful for baking because of its high smoke point, it’s also ideal for sautéing veggies or making the perfect crunchy granola – the possibilities with coconut oil are endless. LouAna Coconut Oil is delicate and light, and has all the health benefits without any coconut smell or taste, making it an easy swap for all of your favorite recipes. It is vegan as well as contains beneficial fatty acids, zero trans-fat, and no cholesterol. LouAna is not only affordable, but the brand has a ton of ideas for how to use their product and has also created a set of delicious and nutritious recipes.
I had never thought of preparing food with coconut oil, but now I will definitely be adding this to my food preparation and diet.  I am always looking for healthier food options.

Disclosure: Product/compensation was received in exchange for review.

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Coconut+Oil LouAna Pure Coconut Oil Review