Gluten-Free Brazilian Cheese Bread Review

Mani Gluten-Free Brazilian Cheese Bread Review

I love preparing small snacks for my family.   Recently, we sampled Mani Snacks, a Brazilian cheese bread.

Brazilian Cheese Bread (Pão de Queijo, pronounced pown-deh-kay-zho), is Brazil’s favorite treat – a savory, naturally gluten-free snack roll made of manioc starch and cheese. Mãní Snacks founder Monika Batista grew up eating pão de queijo on the regular, and over the years she learned the authentic recipe passed on from her aunts and continuously delighted her friends at home with freshly baked pão de queijo almost daily.
Infused with the subtle aroma and taste of cheese, these bite size treats can be served for all occasions as a snack or a delicious accompaniment to any meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner. They are ready-to-bake and crafted from all natural ingredients with no added sugar, preservatives, trans fats or artificial ingredients. You can eat them guilt free, warm right out of the oven, or fill them with your favorite condiment, the possibilities are endless.
Mani snacks come in three flavors:
  • Original Flavor in Mini Rolls
  • Jalapeno Flavor in Snack Size
  • Pizza Flavor
Each package contains 20 rolls.


I initially wanted my family to eat the Mani Pizza flavor as a snack,  but then decided to pair them with Linguine with clam sauce and a side of broccoli.  

Preparation was very easy.  I preheated the oven at 350 f degrees.  Placed the rolls on a baking sheet and let them bake for 25 minutes.  I then let them cool for 5 minutes.  My son could not wait he wanted to eat them immediately and he loved them.

One of the characteristics of manioc starch (or tapioca starch) is to lend a slightly chewy texture.
They are ‘crusty on the outside, warm and chewy on the inside’.
One of the reasons Mani recommend letting the little breads rest is because over time the texture changes, they become more airy. It is all a reaction from the starch. Some people like it more chewy, yet others prefer the airier texture.
My son really likes them; so I know he will be eating them as a snack.
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Mani Gluten-Free Brazilian Cheese Bread Review