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Twigtale+personalized+book Twigtale Personalized Books Giveaway -Twigtale Review- Personalized Children's Books

This Valentine’s Day I surprised my son with a personalized children book, I created through Twigale.    He was so excited, he has read the book so many times.

Twigtale makes personalized children’s books focused on early transitions (e.g., new sibling, starting school, moving, pet loss, parents go on a trip, potty, etc…), as well as, cute “anytime” titles that build self-esteem and promote child development. What makes Twigtale unique is that their books are written by child development experts. Parents personalize with photos and text to create a one-of-a-kind book that is highly engaging, developmentally appropriate and fun for parents and kids, alike. Twigtale helps parents everywhere tap into expert language to communicate better with their children. All books are $20 and available on

My son is not going through a transition, but there are times he needs an extra reminder, that he poses many special qualities.  I selected the I Am Me, book.  I Am Me, expresses who is is from birth up until now.  I was able to share pictures of extended family, things he likes to do, his favorite food, favorite color, favorite music, his school and friends.  He got a kick out of reading about himself.

Creating the book was a lot of fun and brought back lots of memories. The book did not take long to create. It did take some time to get acclimated in order to create the book.  I initially got stuck with uploading the pictures, but after I figured it out everything was fine.  I know how to upload, I just did not know what to click after I uploaded them.  It is best to upload all of the pictures you want in the book first and then you can just apply them on the pages.   There were a couple of pictures that received a message stating the resolution may be too low.  When I received the book, they looked absolutely fine.

Adding the text was very easy.  All I had to do was insert names or what ever was needed in the template.

After completing the book, I reviewed, double checked and rechecked.  When I was satisfied I submitted it and received the book four days after submitting it.  I was very surprised to have received it so soon.  I received it the day before Valentine’s Day and it was the perfect gift.

Twigtale+personalized+book Twigtale Personalized Books Giveaway -Twigtale Review- Personalized Children's Books

The soft cover book, looked very professional.   Every picture was very bright.  I did not know what to expect, but I was definitely impressed.  I wish I was able to create a hard cover book.   My son keeps reading it over and over.  I want it stay in tact.  I am just happy that he loves it so much.  What kid would not like a personalized children book with their pictures?

Giving a child a personalized book is definitely one of the best gift ideas.  It makes them feel special.  I know that is how my son is feeling.

I am so happy that I am able to host a giveaway  for one lucky winner to have the opportunity to create a Twigtale personalized children’s book.   Please enter below.  If you are anxious to purchase your book, Twigtale is offering a 10% off discount code of TWIG10, it is good until June 30, 2014.

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Twigtale+personalized+book Twigtale Personalized Books Giveaway -Twigtale Review- Personalized Children's Books