Dei Fratelli Pizza Sauce Giveaway- Dei Fratelli Review

Dei+Fratelli+Pizza+Sauce Dei Fratelli Pizza Sauce Giveaway- Dei Fratelli Review

My daughter literally just finished eating the last slice of pizza, made with Dei Fratelli pizza sauce.  After a four mile hike, she could not wait to return home and devour the left over pizza.

Dei Fratelli sauces are naturally gluten free,  has low sodium tomatoes, and has a lot of flavor.

Dei Fratelli is manufactured by Hirzel Canning Company & Farms in Toledo, Ohio. A fourth-generation, family-owned and operated company founded in 1923, which produces canned tomatoes, tomato products and sauerkraut in three processing locations. The company owns extensive greenhouses and farms in northwest Ohio.

We received 15 oz canned pizza sauce to sample.  One can of the thick sauce was more than enough for one pizza.  We only used 1/2 a can and froze the rest for our pizza that we plan to make next weekend.  After rolling out the dough and placing it in the pizza pan we added olive oil to the dough and then began to spoon out the sauce and spread it on the dough.  My son enjoyed this part.

Dei+Fratelli+Pizza+Sauce Dei Fratelli Pizza Sauce Giveaway- Dei Fratelli Review

After applying the sauce we added a six different cheese mix, Oregano,  sweet onion, turkey pepperoni and added a little more olive oil.   After placing it in the oven to back we were eager to eat, well after we kept staring at it.  It looked so delicious.

The pizza taste good after letting it sit for a while.  We made the mistake of eating immediately after taking out the oven.  We found that it taste better if we allowed it to cool.  We initially tasted an after taste. We could not figure out if it was the sauce or some of the other ingredients.  After letting it cool down, my daughter told us the pizza was actually really good.

Homemade pizza made with natural, gluten free sauce is the best.  Preparing pizza is always fun and we are now enjoying eating our pizza with Dei Fratelli pizza sauce.

Here is an opportunity to try Dei Fratelli pizza sauce.  Enter below for a chance to win Dei Fratelli pizza sauce.

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Dei+Fratelli+Pizza+Sauce Dei Fratelli Pizza Sauce Giveaway- Dei Fratelli Review


  1. Real Italian Sausage for me! AND sometimes onions and mushrooms. Funny thing, but they must be first sauted til browned! I do not know why we don't make homemade pizzas more often! My goodness we don't even have to make the dough ourselves anymore! I remember waaaaay back when, (yes i'm old) they did not have any pre-made crusts in the stores! Mom used to make it herself. I don't have any excuses myself.

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