Freya Scandinavian Skin Care Review -The Best Anti Aging Products

It took me a couple of weeks to understand the concept of Freya Scandinavian Skin Care.  I could not understand how this Artic Cleansing Water could benefit my skin.  I was totally surprised when I started receiving compliments on the brightness of my skin.  I thought Freya Skin Care could not have done this.

Developed by the world’s experts in Omega-3 and arctic biomarine technology, freya is the result of 30 years of research by leading Scandinavian scientists and the breakthrough discovery of the potent, skin-rejuvenating active complex LEXA.

A holistic skin care system that transforms skin where aging starts-at the cellular level-freya delivers powerful anti-aging results for youthful beauty day after day.

This seems good, but I kept looking at the bottle with disbelief.

freya Freya Scandinavian Skin Care Review -The Best Anti Aging Products

I read the directions several times and I began to think this is not going to work.  Here are the directions:

  • Use a cotton ball/cosmetic pad
  • Gently massage Arctic Cleansing Water onto the entire face and neck,
  • Removing dirt, oil and makeup.
  • No rinse necessary.
The first two days I followed the directions exactly, but was not comfortable with a couple of things.  I do belief the directions work, but I had to use it my way.
Dislikes/My preferences;
  • Did not like washing my face with just the arctic water without cleaning my face before or after.
  • Did not like using the cotton ball.  It seemed as though the water was being absorb in the cotton ball.
I preferred to do what worked best for me.  I began splashing my face with water before I cleansed my face with my bottle of Freya, only if I did not have on make up.  I only use cotton balls when removing eye make up.  After washing my face with Freya I do not rinse it off.  Initially I was not rinsing it off at night, but now I am doing it in the morning as well.  I was concerned about how my skin would feel if I left it on and I then applied makeup.  It worked absolutely fine.
  • After three weeks of using my skin is bright!
  • I apply a small amount of the face cleanser in my hands and wash my face.
  • It is thoroughly cleansing.
  • I am getting compliments on my skin.
  • I love the packaging.
I only sampled the arctic cleansing water.  I believe if I had sampled the entire line I would see better results. Just from sampling the cleansing water I do believe Freya Skin Care has anti aging products that work.  I should also note that I have recently changed my water, fruits and vegetable intake and do attribute some of my results to that as well.
Disclosure: Product Compensation was received in exchange for review.


freya Freya Scandinavian Skin Care Review -The Best Anti Aging Products