Cascade Ice Water Review


C+ascade+Ice+Water Cascade Ice Water Review

I do not drink soda often, maybe a couple of times a year, but I thought I would sample Cascade Ice Water.

Giving up soda and losing weight are some of the most common New Year’s resolutions out there, but as we all know, it’s easier said than done. Cascade Ice Water has some tasty and simple drink recipes that incorporate zero-calorie sparkling flavored Cascade Ice waters to keep them low-cal.

Cascade Ice waters has that yummy fizz to give you a boost you want but without the sugar, carbs, sodium, caffeine or calories found in sodas. They also come in 21 different flavors so you never get bored!  

When presented the opportunity to sample Cascade Ice Water I was looking forward to making an Apple Pie Float, unfortunately I did not receive the bottle of Cascade Ice McIntosh to sample so I opted to make a smoothie with a couple of the flavors I did receive.  I would still like to share this recipe.  I think it may taste good.

Apple Pie Float
Upgrade your root beer float by swapping Cascade Ice McIntosh Apple with root beer. To try it, pour 6oz of Cascade Ice McIntosh Apple in a chilled glass and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Top it off with a cinnamon stick or graham cracker crumbs. You just cut over 80 calories from your float!
I love making morning smoothies so my daughter and I sampled Cascade Ice coconut water in my mixed berry smoothie.  It tasted it pretty good.  I am not used to having a sparkling smoothie, but it taste did quench my thirst in the afternoon.  It had a crisp taste.
Here my likes and dislikes about Cascade Ice Water:
  • I did not have to use the entire bottle and I was able to make two large smoothies.
  • The low calories are the best.
  • Convenient.
  • Can be used in a variety of drinks. alcoholic and non alcoholic
  • The entire family can enjoy.
  • A slight after taste.
  • I do not drink alcohol so I wish there were more non  alcoholic recipes on the site.
I did not sample all of the flavors, but Cascade Ice is a nice alternative for soda lovers. Cascade Ice Water ingredients just may be able to help you stick with you New Years resolution or just help you maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Disclosure:  Products/Compensation was received in exchange for review.
C+ascade+Ice+Water Cascade Ice Water Review