Seasons of Gray Review

Seasons of Gray  is now available in stores.  Seasons of Gray is a story that many people will be able to relate to.   As I watched the film I was spiritually moved by Brady’s journey and began to think of the trials and tribulations I have faced in my life and how God’ mercy and love has brought me through it all.  I also began to wonder if I am showing love to others in the way that I should.

I live my life according to the word and know that He is there for me.  Although, I know these things I received a reminder that He walks with me while watching this movie.  We need films like Season’s of Gray to witness to us.  This is one faith and spirituality movies I really enjoyed.

The compelling story of Brady Gray (played by Andrew Cheney), the favored son of a two-time widower, begins on location at a Texas ranch. After Brady’s father lavishes him with accolades and gifts, his half-brothers, fed up with his privileged position, force him off the family ranch with a stern warning to never return.
What lies ahead is a roller coaster of ups and downs as Brady goes from restoring his life in a new town, obtaining a job and developing a love interest, to being wrongly accused of sexual assault and thrown in jail. Throughout the story, despite questioning his life’s purpose and plan, Brady remains devoted to his faith and learns the true meaning of forgiveness.
“Seasons of Gray” is a Christian film that non-believers can also enjoy.  Parents can use the film as an educational tool with their high school children, the film is also a valuable tool for churches and pastors to use in reaching their community with relevant and modern content that directly correlates with the bible. 

I definitely recommend Seasons of Gray.  It is suggested that this film is appropriate for ages 12 years and up.  I cannot wait for my son to watch this film when he is old enough.  I will be passing along my copy to my 19 year old daughter, I am more than positive she is going to be moved by this film.

W need thought provoking christian based film movies like this.  I was drawn in from start to finish and I am eager to share this film with others.    It is a believable and enjoyable christian film.

Disclosure:  Product/compensation was received in exchange for review.

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