King’s Hawaiian Bread Review

Kings Hawaiian  Bread  recently gave fans a chance to win a big game experience aboard the Bud Light Hotel in NYC, oh how I wish I could have been a winner.

Although I did not participate in the giveaway and did not share this exciting sweepstakes with my readers. I want to share the effects it has had on my son. King’s Hawaiian has been one of our favorite breads in my household, but for some reason my son thinks it is a new bread.

Kings+Hawaiian+Sandwich King’s Hawaiian Bread Review
My son prepared is sandwich with King’s Hawaiian

In his mind he has just discovered that he loves Kings Hawaiian Bread.  I do not know how this got past him, because he has been eating the King Hawaiian rolls for years.  I have occasionally purchased loaves of bread, but for some reason he acts as if he has had it for the first time a couple of weeks ago.  Really…we have been eating this bread for years, if I am not mistaken most of my life and that is a long time.

He is now trying to prepare his own sandwiches and the request for Kings Hawaiian for his sandwiches are coming.  We do not eat a lot of bread, but I am not going to deprive him.  He loves it and I do not want  him of eating such good bread.  I remember being a child and just wanting to eat bread, especially the soft, sweetness of King’s Hawaiian. My parents were not always giving me Kings Hawaiian, but when I did have it was addicting.

I must say, I have gone to several stores in my area that are supposed to carry this bread and I have found that they do not.  I lucked up and found one loaf on the shelf at my local Ralph’s and have been able to find any since.  I am sure I will get lucky soon.

I have looked on the King’s Hawaiian Site and have found some great recipes.  We need to switch thing up. If you have not been to the site you have to head over there.  Those recipes make our sandwiches look so sad.   I was also on the Face Book page and saw some Super Bowl  count down recipes for game day.  I want to try a recipe that was just posted, Buffalo Chicken Sweet Roll Sliders.  Yum, yum.

You cannot go wrong with King’s Hawaiian Bread.

Disclosure:  Product/Compensation was received in exchange for review.

Kings+Hawaiian+Sandwich King’s Hawaiian Bread Review