Gaslamp Popcorn Review – Gaslamp Popcorn Giveaway


Gaslamp+Popcorn Gaslamp Popcorn Review - Gaslamp Popcorn Giveaway

I am very familiar with the Gaslamp district in San Diego, but had never heard of Gaslamp Popcorn, until I was given the opportunity to sample it.  Two weeks ago, the week of National Popcorn Day, January 16th.  We received three bags of Gaslamp,  gourmet flavored popcorn: Kettle Corn, White Cheddar and Caramel Corn.

This past spring Gaslamp Popcorn hit major retail shelves across the state of California. Wait, you do not have to come to California to purchase this popcorn.   It can also be purchased on line nationwide.  I guess there is know excuse to say we cannot find Gaslamp Popcorn.  This delicious gourmet popcorn can be delivered right to your door. My family eats popcorn as a snack, because it is so light and can be high in fiber.  We each had our own reasons for liking this gluten free all natural popcorn.


  • Gluten free popcorn
  • All natural popcorn
  • California based (We are true Californians)
  • The different flavors.  We each had a favorite.
  • On the go snack.
  • It taste good.
  • It stayed fresh
  • Great food gifts.
  • I am not a big cinnamon fan, so I did not like the Caramel Corn with Cinnamon.  My children were happy because it meant more for them to eat.  They literally told me that.
  • I do not like white cheddar, but I do know my parents love it, so I shared it with them.
My favorite was the kettle corn.  I just love kettle corn.  It was just the right mix of salty and sweet along with being so fresh.  All of the packages came in a nice size.  The bags were actually full. I did not feel like was being cheated out of a tasty treat.  You know how it is when you are eating something so good that you do not want it to end.  I sat eating the kettle corn until I just could not eat it any more.  I did share a little with my children, but thank goodness they liked the caramel corn as well.  I called my mother to see how she and my dad liked the cheddar popcorn.  She told me that she ate the entire bag, she could not stop herself.  She offered my dad some but he did not want any during the time she asked him.  She did share a small bowl with my five year old cousin.

These are not really dislikes, because for what ever I did not like, someone else did.

Now I can associate Gaslamp with great tasting popcorn, not just a place a visit.  I also have an opportunity for you to enter for a chance to win a bag Caramel, White Cheddar and Kettle Corn, Gaslamp Popcorn.

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Disclosure:  Product/compensation was received in exchange for review.


Gaslamp+Popcorn Gaslamp Popcorn Review - Gaslamp Popcorn Giveaway


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