Remington iCoffee Steam Brewer Review- Home Coffee Brewers

Remington’s new iCoffee is helping my daughter with her long class schedule and all nighters.  Many of us can relate to the sleepless nights and fatigue of being in college.  Coffee becomes your best friend.  When I was offered the opportunity to sample the iCoffee, I immediately thought of my daughter for the following reasons:

  • The iCoffee is stlylish (that’s for me)
  • The iCoffee has a timer to prepare coffee (my daughter needs this with her busy schedule.) Programmable coffee maker.
  • Easy to clean
  • Beeps/signal when coffee is ready or when coffee maker is clean.
  • No paper filters needed.
  • iCoffee technology forgoes the dated mechanics of shower head drip coffee brewers, pressurized single-serve cups, and French Press by revolutionizing how the coffee is finessed inside the brewer.
  • First, the coffee is pre-steamed to evenly apply proper moisture and heat. Like steaming vegetables to unlock nutrition and flavor, iCofffee uses the benefits of steam to open up and fully release only the non-bitter, non-acidic, exquisitely smooth coffee flavors.
  • Six patented SteamBrewTM hot water rotational jets further steam, and stir your favorite coffee releasing a symphony of exquisite flavors.
  • We loved the steam brewing window.
  • iCoffee releases more flavor from the same amount of coffee and allows you to use less coffee to achieve the same boldness. iCoffee drinkers report using less coffee to achieve desired strength and exquisite flavor.
  • Coffee tastes smooth.
iCoffee Remington iCoffee Steam Brewer Review- Home Coffee Brewers
There was not too much to dislike about iCoffee.   These were the only concerns:
  • The cups do not seem seem equal to what the coffee maker says they are.  Example, we made four cups of coffee according to the coffee maker, but what should have been four cups seemed like two.  The coffee cups we used were not very big.
  • The directions are pretty detailed, but if a novice coffee drinker is following directions to prepare coffee they are not given instructions as to how much coffee to put into the brewer.
iCoffee Remington iCoffee Steam Brewer Review- Home Coffee Brewers
iCoffee Remington iCoffee Steam Brewer Review- Home Coffee Brewers
After trying out the iCoffee Steam Brewer, I have invited my parents over for coffee and pastries.  They had their mind set on purchasing a single serve brewer.  I am sure they will change their minds when they try my coffee made from my new coffee brewer.  Just this morning I told my girlfriend in Texas about the iCoffee and she is heading over to purchase one.

My family loves our new home coffee brewer.

Disclosure: Product/compensation was received in exchange for review.  All opinions are my own.


iCoffee Remington iCoffee Steam Brewer Review- Home Coffee Brewers


  1. Ok so this is totally peeking my interest. Although I would want to try it out before hand to see how awesome the coffee is!

  2. You will love it! My daughter prepares coffee and ground cocoa. I have tried both and it is very smooth. Thanks for stopping by.

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