Active D’Lites Chocolate Bars Review – DailyBites Review

Active+D Active D’Lites Chocolate Bars  Review - DailyBites Review

I love having a little chocolate every once in a while.  Well honestly, I wish I could eat it more often.  I think I have found a great alternative, Active D’ Lites with probiotics (probiotic chocolate).

I received samples of Active D’Lites Daily Bites and Active D’Lites Bars.

 Active D’Lites contain premium probiotics and prebiotics which are stable, clinically-documented, and demonstrate proven efficacy in strengthening gut health and boosting immunity. 

All Active D’Lites products are also non-GMO, low carb and have no sugar added (they are sweetened with stevia).  I sampled Mint Truffle, Coconut and Chocolate Truffle.
Active D’Lites DailyBites are 50 calories each, contain 20 billion probiotics and have 3g of total fiber.
Active D’Lites Bars are 100 calories each, contain 10 billion probiotics and have 7 to 9g of total fiber.  I sampled Almond, Caramel and Cranberry Almond all of which I enjoyed.  I have always loved chocolate and caramel candy, so really enjoyed the caramel bar.  
Active+D Active D’Lites Chocolate Bars  Review - DailyBites Review
Mint Truffle
  • Active D’Lites are filling.
  • Active D’Lites taste good.
  • You do not have to worry about unwanted calories.
  • The portions are good.  If I wanted a snack I ate a bar, but if I wanted just a small taste of chocolate I ate the daily bite.
  • Probiotic bars.
  • Easy, on the go snack.
  • Healthier Chocolate Bars
  • Slight Stevia aftertaste.
  • They are not sold in my area, can only purchase them online.
  • There is an ingredient that changes my moods.  I get in a bad mood when I eat this.

Probiotic bars are great alternative for me. I  needed to sample these bars, because  I need to include more probiotic foods in my diet and find it to be challenging when I am eating the same things like yogurt or drinking a probiotic drinks.

Disclosure: Products/compensation was received in exchange for review.

Active+D Active D’Lites Chocolate Bars  Review - DailyBites Review