Whole Foods 3 Day Whole Body Sale


Whole+Foods+Sale Whole Foods 3 Day Whole Body Sale

I can say with pride that my family has been loyal Whole Foods Market shoppers for about 20 years and we are looking forward to the Whole Foods 3 Day Whole Body Sale, which includes 25% off ALL supplements, January 24th- January 26th. This is a once a year opportunity and an excellent time to stock up on supplements of all kinds for the year.

Whole+Foods+Sale Whole Foods 3 Day Whole Body Sale
Shopping at Whole Foods Grand Opening

Just last night my son had a sore throat and asked for the echinacea, golden seal propolis throat spray. This morning he had Boiron Oscillococcinum.  I purchase my flax seed from Whole Foods and now I would like to try chia seeds and guess what?  It is on the list.  This sale is perfect me!!!  Yes, I am going down the list. Let me just share some of the goodies, so you can understand my excitement.

·     All supplements will be on sale – Proteins, Meal Enhancers, SuperFoods (chia, flax), Probiotics, Vitamin A to Zinc and everything in between.  Examples:
o   Cleanse and Detox Kits like 365 Everday Value 7 Day Detox Kit
o   Bio K and all probiotics
o   All Boiron products – homeopathic products including Oscillococcinum®
o   Source Naturals Wellness Formula
o   All Gaia products like Oil of Oregano, Olive Leaf,
o   Ricola and Zinc lozenges
o   Weight loss products and supplements – Green Coffee Bean Extracts and Garcinia
o   Chia seeds
o   Flax Seeds
o   Vega Products – sports nutrition
o   Amazing Grass supplements
o   Garden of Life Protein Powders
·         Give your immune system the boost it needs during cold and flu season with the following:
o   Boiron Oscillococcinum
o   Bio-K+ Probiotic
o   Source Naturals Wellness Formula
o   Gaia Herbs Black Elderberry Syrup
o   Ricola Lozenges Boiron Oscillococcinum
·         Support your New Year fitness resolutions with the following:
o   Vega Sport Performance Protein
o   Ultima Replenisher Electrolytes
o   Now Foods MCT Oil
o   MRM Glutamine Power
·         Looking to shed some pounds?  Support your weight loss goals with the following:
o   Garden of Life Raw Meal Replacement
o   Nature’s Way CLA
o   Genesis Today Garcinia Cambogia
o   Genesis Today Green Coffee Bean  
·         Need to cleanse and detox your way to a healthier you?  
o   365 7 Day Quick Cleanse
o   365 Organic Psyllium Powder
o   Bio-K+ Probiotic


o   Reboot Wellness Booster
Whole+Foods+Sale Whole Foods 3 Day Whole Body Sale

This sale is right on time.  We all know, most of the world is trying to get their body physically and internally right. And let’s not forget cold and flu season is here and wearing us down.    Ummm….Did I just see CLA I need that.  I have not purchased that in a couple of years.  Okay…I need to focus.  I am excited about this sale.   Let me wrap this up by stating the obvious.  Whole Foods will be having an awesome 25% off sale with the best vitamin supplements and much more. We need to head over there.  Again, ALL supplements in the store are on sale – 25% off!!!

If you need a little help before heading over to the sale here are links for information on Nutritional Support ideas:


Now you have all of the tools you need:  You know about the sale, you have nutritional support and an idea of what to will be on sale.  Oh yes, click here for a list Whole Foods Market locations.  The 3 day sale at Whole Foods on supplements is in Southern California, Arizona, Las Vegas and Hawaii only,  Now you have it all.

Disclosure:  Compensation/product was received in exchange for review. #ad

Whole+Foods+Sale Whole Foods 3 Day Whole Body Sale