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Early New Years Eve morning, my daughter and her friend decided to hike Runyon Canyon.  I suggested they take bottles of HYDRIVE Energy Water we had received to sample the day before.  They were going to need it, because they had been up most of the night the night before.  If anyone has ever hiked the tough side of Runyon, you know it is tough when you have a good nights sleep, so you can imagine what happened to these to on their hike.

Offering them the energy water would definitely put HYDRIVE to the test, because these two should not have been hiking when they were so exhausted, but young people do things like this.

Each  bottle of HYDRIVE has only 30 calories in each bottle.  It comes in Grape Fusion(recovery), Lemon Lime Rush(active), Citrus Burst(vitamin), Black Cherry(extra power), Blue Raspberry(extra power), Triple Berry(antioxidant) and Kiwi Strawberry(focus).  HYDRIVE does contain caffeine, is flavored with natural flavors and is non carbonated.

While the girls got to the toughest part of the mountain they needed to be hydrated.  My daughter’s friend changed her mind about the flavor she wanted.  Politely giving her friend her drink my daughter did not want the original flavor her friend selected.  The friend drank her the water and my daughter did not. As they hiked up the mountain the friend had so much energy and completed the hike with ease.  My daughter on the other hand was dying.  She kept stopping and wanted it to be over.  She should have just drank the water even if she did not like the flavor.  That is just crazy!!!   Anyway, these two have me sold on the product.

My daughter has learned her lesson.  School is back in session and she took a bottle of HYDRIVE to class with her.  She has a very long day and just the other day in her evening class she needed to be alert.  She had taken this healthy energy drink to school with her and she said it saved her while in class.

We try to stay away from products that have caffeine and try to focus on natural energy boosters, HYDRIVE has not made the two girls irritable or jittery although it does have about 100 milligrams of caffeine per 8 ounce serving.  Most importantly, HYDRIVE energy drink is packed with vitamins.

Here is a chance to try HYDRIVE for yourself.  Enter the below giveaway for a chance to win a case of HYDRIVE.  Good Luck!!!

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