Neo Cell Supplement Review- Keratin Hair Volumizer Review


Making sure my hair, nails and skin are looking good is very important to me and my daughter as well.  Over the past month we have been sampling, Keratin Hair Volumizer by Neo Cell.

Sampling this product came right on time, because we were running out of the product we normally use.  Here were our concerns prior to receiving our samples:   My daughter has been concerned about her hair, nail and skin.  It is a constant topic of conversation.   She has silky, fine hair.  She would like for it to be thicker and if it could grow down to her ankles she would be okay with that too.  She has great nails, but like many of us she is not satisfied and believes they could be better.  As for her skin she is concerned with a few spots and a little acne.  After the first week of using Keratin, she noticed her skin was getting brighter.  As for her hair she is not sure.  I think it looks a little thicker.  The shine is there, but I am not sure if it is because she a shiny hair, but I can say it does look healthy.  As for her nails, they began to split.  In which her nails rarely do this.  She did not express her concern about her nails, until one day I mentioned that my nails were splitting, which was normal for me over a year ago, but I started back using a nail protein that worked and my nails were looking great, or at least I thought they did.   I continued to use it with the Keratin.  After a couple of weeks my nails were behaving badly.  When I told my daughter, she told me she was experiencing the same thing.  We began to think that it has to be the Keratin that was causing the splitting.

I wanted to try Keratin, because I wanted  to see how it worked for my nails and skin.  After about one week, I noticed my skin seemed a bit brighter as well.  I was not concerned about my hair.  It did not work well for my nails, but I believe it may work for someone else, just not me.

Neo Cell has many other products to choose from.  NeoCell  has been known as “the original collagen people” for more than two decades. The company’s successful nutraceutical line includes Beauty Bursts, Super Collagen+C Tablets, Super Collagen Powder, Collagen+C Pomegranate Liquid, Fish Collagen with HA, Collagen Type II and Collagen Sport, as well as other products that enhance both health and beauty.  I just may have to try some of the others as well.

Disclosure:  Product/compensation was received in exchange for review.

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  1. i take collagen supplements for my hip pain, but noticed I have to cut my nails more often, if you are interested you can find them at . Also I eat loads of nuts and seeds now too and noticed that my hair colour has deepened as was grey…

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