Aunt Nellies Beets Review

I am addicted to Aunt Nellies Beets!   I was surprised that I liked them so much.  Prior to trying Aunt Nellies Beets, I would add beets to my smoothies and maybe eat them in my salads, these were not the pickled kind.

The day my Aunt Nellies samples arrived my parents had stopped by and my son and daughter were home.  I had each of them try them.  My parents loved them.  My mom immediately said, she would eat them in her salad.  My father thought they were good and my daughter thought thought they were just okay.  My son did not like them at all.

I on the other hand absolutely loved them!   The texture was perfect not too mushy or to hard.  They taste so good.  They were kind of sweet, but yet tart.  I had watched the youtube video before I received my samples and was kind of skeptical about what the people were saying.  I must say, they knew what they were talking about.   I find myself snacking on these beets throughout the day.  I really like the oval/round shaped beets.  I did not prepare them within a recipe.  I just liked eating them alone.  I am severely anemic and I am constantly craving foods that are high in iron like beets.  I used to have beets once a week when I made my morning smoothie, but Aunt Nellies has changed that.

Just the other day, I was in Smart & Final and I saw Aunt Nellies Beets on the shelf.  I did not know they were sold there.  I was standing in the aisle ready to open a jar and eat them.  I did not do that, but I really like them and now I know where I can purchase them.

Some time has passed since I tried to get my daughter to try these beets.  Within the past couple of weeks they gone from being just okay to being delicious.  She is now snacking on them as well.  My family loves healthy snacking and I want them to eat healthy, but I was kind of okay with her thinking they were just okay, only because I like them so much.

Aunt Nellie’s products are rich in antioxidants, fiber, and other nutrients. Recent research tells us that certain vegetables, particularly beets, are antioxidant–rich. Antioxidants are thought to be key in promoting good health, and may help prevent problems such as heart disease, cancer, memory loss, and more. Color is one clue to choosing antioxidant–rich vegetables. Eat plenty of those, like beets, with the most intense colors – deep red, yellow, orange, dark green.

All Aunt Nellie’s vegetable varieties are the perfect accompaniment for any main dish or to give that special recipe homemade appeal. They may be enjoyed warm, chilled or even at room temperature.

Aunt Nellies Beets are good, however you like to eat them.

Disclosure:  Prodcucts/compensation was received in exchange for review.

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