Start Off The New Year With Siggi’s- Siggi’s Review

Siggis Start Off The New Year With Siggi's- Siggi's Review

Over the holidays I sampled Siggi’s Yogurt.  Initially I was looking for the Pumpkin and Spice that was offered for a limited time around October/November, but it was not available at any of the the Whole Foods I visited.   My family loves pumpkin and we were curious about how it would taste as a pumpkin pie alternative.   We eat lots of pumpkin beginning late October through early December.  That’s a lot of pumpkin.

After stopping at different Whole Foods stores and discovering Siggi’s was not available my daughter and opted to try Acai & Mixed Berries.  We literally ate it in the store parking lot, because if it was that hard to find it had to be good.

Siggi’s is low in sugar and is made with simple ingredients.  Siggi’s products offer the highest ratio of protein to sugar of any natural flavored yogurt.

This yogurt is definitely low in sugar.  I like yogurt that is like this because it taste good with granola or perfect in my morning smoothie.  On this day I could not turn to either option so I ate of the container.  It tasted it pretty good.  My daughter and I eat our yogurt the same way.  Knowing that this yogurt was pretty healthy and contained acai mixed berries we were pleased, but wished we could put it our morning smoothie If we have it again we will add it to our smoothies or eat it granola.

If my son was with us he would have just eaten the yogurt out of the container by the spoonfuls.  He laughs because we do not eat our yogurt like him.  Siggi’s does have squeezable yogurt tubes for kids.  My son would love the squeezable yogurt.  Like the pumpkin spice, I have not been able to find the squeezable yogurt for my son to sample. They come in strawberry, blueberry and raspberry all of the flavors he would like.  I like to freeze the squeezable yogurt and he takes them for snack to school or just eat them at home.

I have friend who has a 1 1/2 year old that loves yogurt squeezable tubes and this would have been perfect to share with her.  This toddler is always asking for yogurt.  She eats several tubes a day.  This would have been perfect for her, because the yogurt she is currently eating is high in sugar.

Start of the New Year with Siggi’s Yogurt.  After sampling it I can testify that it is low in sugar and with many people looking for low sugar high protein snacks Siggi’s does offer that.

Disclosure:  Product/compensation was received in exchange for review.

Siggis Start Off The New Year With Siggi's- Siggi's Review