Putting the Pieces together With The God Puzzle -The God Puzzle Review


The+Good+Puzzle Putting the Pieces together With The God Puzzle -The God Puzzle  Review

My son has always had a desire to know more about Christianity and is always asking for some faith based books. When I received The God Puzzle I thought it would be a great tool to educate him, but what I have found it is fun and very informative for both us.

I do not know how many times, I have been asked those hard to answer questions and then I am searching for an answer.  Not that I am looking for an easy way out, but The God Puzzle eliminates many questions, because my son feels that he is learning something.  I believe the questions arise, because he just wants to be in the Word.

I surprised him with the puzzle as a reward for doing well in school.  He was so excited!  He knows that we have to complete the workbook together.  He takes pride in the book.  I like it because it is a way I can fellowship with my son and we are both learning.  The God Puzzle is a great bible study guide, you are just putting all of the pieces together.

The God Puzzle has:

  •  ready made discussion questions for parent to ask their child in each lesson
  • can be done at any pace that works with your
  • family . . . every night, once a week, 10 minutes here, 30 minutes there . . . it fits into realistic family life
  •  puts the pieces together for a child to understand God, the Bible, and the Christian faith
  • in each lesson the responds to the truth so they understand their relationship to God is personal and life transforming
  • any parent, whether they know nothing, or a lot about God can start teaching their child today with no prep
  • deep theology put into language a child can understand
  • deeply Biblical, each lesson points to Christ
  •  put in an order that starts with creation, and teaches the Bible as one story that all points to Christ
  •  child stays engaged by filling in blanks, crosswords, drawing, matching and using their Bibles as they learn
Seeing the excitement my son has about learning about God reminds me of myself at his age and feeling the fire and desire to have a relationship with the Lord.  I truly understand  how he feels.  Growing up my family was very involved in church and continue to have a strong faith.  I believe attending church and my parents providing me with the many tools, like books like the God Puzzle have kept me grounded.  As I result I still seek faith based books and enjoy them.  I have done the same with my 19 year old daughter and now my son will be learning more with The God Puzzle. There is nothing like receiving a book that will allow you to spiritually grow.

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The+Good+Puzzle Putting the Pieces together With The God Puzzle -The God Puzzle  Review