Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Review

This past Christmas Eve my family dined at Medieval Times,  Visiting Medieval Times was on our list of things to do for some years now.   I knew dining and watching a tournament of six knights wearing authentic armor and battling for the title of the King’s champion, would be one of the best experiences for my eight year old son.

We received VIP seating in the blue section of the 11th century style castle of Medieval Spain. We had an awesome view.

As the knights prepared for battle, cheers from each section roared for their colored knight.

While cheering and waving our flags, we were served His Majesty’s royal feast.  We drank from goblets and ate utensil free.  Our meal consisted of oven roasted garlic chicken, garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, herb roasted potato, spare rib (in which we do not eat, so we had a choice of one extra piece of bread or an extra potato) and non-alcoholic drinks.  My daughter had  the Kings vegetarian meal, that included hummus, warm pita bread, carrot and celery sticks, 3-bean stew with fire roasted tomato and brown rice and a non-alcoholic beverage.

My daughter really liked her meal, but she liked receiving a carnation from one of the knights.  Talking about a knight in shining armor.  She was so thrilled!!!!  She is holding on to that carnation that has now wilted.

The show was great!  Believe it or not, our knight won the battle. He was the King’s Champion.  That was the highlight for us.  This was definitely a different experience for our family.  We brought my friends daughter along with us, she was fascinated by the princess.  She guided me through the entire tournament.  Medieval Times is enjoyable for everyone.  Be prepared to eat a hearty meal or else you will be taking home left overs.

Disclosure: Product/compensation was received in exchange for review.