Disney’s Rockin Ever After Review

Disney’s Rockin’ Ever After is a fun pop off the movie screen fun of some of Disney’s most popular fairy tale princesses. Ariel, Bell,  Rapunzel and for the first time on ice Merida all bring in memorable parts of their movies to life; hosted by Mickey, Minnie , Donald and Goofy.

disney+on+ice Disney's Rockin Ever After Review

While the kids were happy to see the princess and their friends come to life this show was not just for them. The Ice Skaters were very talented and kept the interest of all ages that watched. Taylor Firth the skater who played Merida from the Disney/Pixar Movie Brave also displayed her archery skills make her character very believable.  In the show program they shared a behind the scenes look at how the cast went to Scotland to participate in Scottish Festivities to get ready for their role in this show.

My kids had a great time and just as I looked at my 6 year old to see her face all lit up with joy as she watched the ‘Be Our Guest’ number form Beauty and the Beast and I thought of  how many more years I will have that Disney on Ice Show will bring her so much joy-and then I saw my 18 year old smiling and singing along; I guess many more years!!

disney+on+ice Disney's Rockin Ever After Review
Catch Disney Rockin’ Ever After is in the Los Angles Area until January 5th.
By the way they put wet/wipes in the cotton candy so your little one (or your husband) does not have to sit with sticky hands during the show!!


Written: Adrienne Phillip/ Mom of 2 girls ages 18 & 6
disney+on+ice Disney's Rockin Ever After Review