New Smart Ones Oatmeal Review


Smart+Ones+Oatmeal New Smart Ones Oatmeal Review

My family was some of the first people to try Smart Ones delicious new oatmeal.  

Smart Ones new oatmeal is made with ingredients we love like steel-cut and rolled oats, real fruit and granola. Plus, Smart Ones oatmeal is found in the frozen aisle in heat and eat cups, making it easy to enjoy while on the go.

Smart+Ones+Oatmeal New Smart Ones Oatmeal Review

We were excited about trying this new oatmeal for a few reasons.

We practically eat oatmeal everyday and we each have our on way of eating it.  I primarily like maple and brown sugar, but recently my children have been eating oatmeal with cranberries and I tried it as well and I like it.  When I hear that Smart Ones had real fruit in the new oatmeal I new this would be a winner in my home.  

My daughter only eats steel-cut and rolled oats.  Smart Ones has exactly that.  She was ready to take a package while rushing out of the door to school.  She has early morning classes and likes to have a warm, healthy breakfast.  If she does not warm it up while at home, she grabs it and warms it up at school.  

My son loves it all.   I did not have to sell him on anything he just liked it.

None of us had ever thought about adding granola to our oatmeal, so this was something new and it was yummy.

We were pleasantly surprised by the taste.  There was a lot of flavor.  My son is  always if is something healthy.  I was surprised he did not ask was this healthy, because it was sweet and tasty.

The oatmeal is perfect for anyone that is on the go or just at home and want to pop something in the microwave.  When I say it is easy, it really is, just pop in the microwave, when it is done take it out and eat it.  Seriously….it was that easy and perfect for my daughter that just wants everything fast, when it comes to food preparation.

With new year approaching and that is the time to get rid of some a few extra pounds, Smart Ones Oatmeal is the way to go it is weight smart.

We enjoyed sampling new Smart Ones frozen oatmeal .  We give it three thumbs up!!!

Disclosure: Product/compensation was received in exchange for review.

Smart+Ones+Oatmeal New Smart Ones Oatmeal Review