Toffuti Pizza Pizzaz Review- Lactose Free Pizza

Tofutti+Pizza Toffuti Pizza Pizzaz Review- Lactose Free Pizza

My son, the pizza connoisseur, enjoyed eating new Toffuti Pizza.  He has only had vegan pizza one other time and did not like it, so trying this pizza would be a true pizza test.

 Tofutti Brands, the company that has pioneered a premium line of dairy-free cheeses and desserts, is expanding its frozen food line with the introduction of a new line of dairy-free pizzas, named Pizza Pizzaz.  The new Tofutti frozen pizzas became available in stores throughout the US in November.  Classic and four-cheese pizza will debuted in stores immediately.
Using Tofutti’s dairy-free mozzarella cheese, combined with a delicious pan crust, Tofutti Pizza Pizzazoffers an authentic yet healthy pizza. Great for adults and children who love the taste of pizza but are allergic or looking for a healthier alternative, Tofutti Pizza Pizzaz is sold three squared slices to a package.  In addition to being vegan, Tofutti’s Pizza Pizzaz frozen pizzas are cholesterol-free, butterfat- free and dairy-free.  
Initially, I wanted my family to try Pizza Pizzaz, because my daughter became a vegetarian and has been trying to try vegan options as well, she is also asthmatic and her dairy intake is limited.  She would not try this pizza, because a few months back we tried a vegan pizza that was not so good, so she passed.  Oh well….more pizza for my son.
My son thinks he is learning to cook, so he insisted on cooking his own pizza.  The directions were easy to follow.  We did leave the pizza in the oven a little longer than what the directions suggested, because the cheese did completely cook during the suggested time.  Cooking the pizza a little longer, did not burn the crust.
Tofutti+Pizza Toffuti Pizza Pizzaz Review- Lactose Free Pizza

When the pizza was cooked, we were eager to try it.  The pizza was cut in three squares, so after it was cooked it was easy to slice and eat.

I was like my daughter. I was a little scarred from the vegan pizza we tried prior to receiving Pizza Pizzaz, but I tried it anyway and was a little surprised.  I really liked the sauce.  Overall the pizza was not bad for me, but I kept thinking of my last vegan experience.

My son on the other hand, was over the last experience and was happy that his sister did not eat any and I was eating slowly.  He enjoyed every bite.  He had enough to snack on, eat for lunch or dinner.  So far, this was the best vegan pizza

Tofutti+Pizza Toffuti Pizza Pizzaz Review- Lactose Free Pizza

Pizza Pizzaz Classic Cheese Pizza offers a delicious dairy-free mozzarella cheese topping and Tofutti Pizza Pizzaz Four- Cheese pizza is deliciously topped with dairy-free Mozzarella, Cheddar, Feta and Ricotta cheeses. Tofutti is currently developing additional flavors to the Pizza Pizzaz line and will announce them in early 2014.

I like that the Toffuti Brand has this option available.  Tofutti has been a trusted brand in our home for about 15 years.  I began purchasing Toffuti for my daughter when her asthma and allergies were really bad.  I turned to Toffuti, because this I needed to find a brand that would cater to my daughters needs.  Here it is 15 years later and my family still loves Toffuti, now we can say we were some of the first people to try Toffuti Pizza Pizzaz!

Disclosure: Product/compensation was received in exchange for review.

Tofutti+Pizza Toffuti Pizza Pizzaz Review- Lactose Free Pizza