DreamWorks Delivery Man Review – Delivery Man Review

I am still talking about DreamWorks Pictures, “Delivery Man”.  It is fair to say, I watch any movie Vince Vaughn is in, but this is not the reason I am talking about it.   I genuinely enjoyed the movie.  Attending the Delivery Man screening was a great way to indulge in some “me” time.

Vince Vaughn stars as affable underachiever David Wozniak, whose anonymous donations to a fertility clinic 20 years earlier resulted in 533 children. David must now embark on a journey that leads him to discover not only his true self but also the father that he could become.

Delivery Man reveals a softer side of Vince Vaughn.  We are used to seeing him in more funnier roles.  Prior to seeing the movie I did not know what to expect and kind of wondered how would I like Vince Vaughn in a different role.  Well, Vince Vaughn did not disappointment me.  I really liked his character. There were funny moments and small hints of the Vince Vaughn I have grown to love as an actor.  I laughed, cheered and felt a tug a my heart for Delivery Man.  Although, this was an extreme case of being a parent, Delivery Man did deliver.  Teenagers, young adults, and so on would love this movie!!!

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Delivery+Man+Poster DreamWorks Delivery Man Review - Delivery Man Review

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DELIVERY MAN releases in theaters on November 22nd!  

Delivery+Man+Poster DreamWorks Delivery Man Review - Delivery Man Review