Parragon Books-Love Food Vegetarian Step by Step Cookbook

Vegetarian+Step+by+Step Parragon Books-Love Food Vegetarian Step by Step Cookbook

October was National Vegetarian Month.  We have one vegetarian in my home, so it seems like vegetarian is month every day.

I received a copy of Parragon Books-Love Food Vegetarian Step by Step Cookbook.  I have needed vegetarian cookbook, because my daughter is a vegetarian and is in the early stages of learning to cook. At the rate she is going, I think she will have to make enough money to hire a chef, because she has not committed to learning how to cook.  The maternal side of me prepares meals for her.  She plans to be leaving for college and this is something she needs to prepare for.  I could go on and on about this food dilemma, but I she reads my post periodically.

We have not prepared any of the dishes, but were very pleased with the vegetarian meal ideas and all of the step by step instructions.  Again, I am dealing with someone that gets excited about cooking, but only steps in the kitchen to clean it.  She is very good at that.  We have designated this week as our week to try some of the great recipes.  This book is great for someone like my daughter.

Although, we have one vegetarian in our family, our  family has increased our vegetable intake.  I love vegetables!   I can eat them raw or cooked, but prefer raw.    A cookbook like Love Food Vegetarian Step by Step is very inspirational, I am looking forward to incorporating more vegetables into our diet.

This book will introduce the beginner to the delights of vegetarian cooking with exciting, colorful, and flavorsome recipes. It has easy-to-follow and irresistible meat-free recipes that will appeal to carnivores and vegetarians alike. So, whether you want to switch to a completely vegetarian diet, or to increase the vegetarian element in a mixed diet, this book offers delicious and fail-safe recipes to guarantee success every time.

Although cooking for a vegetarian diet isn’t necessary and not any more difficult than for a mixed diet, there are certain issues to be aware of, especially for people new to this approach. For example, it’s important to make sure you’re eating a balanced diet and are aware of the non-vegetarian ingredients that may be hidden in prepared foods. It is also essential to have a variety of dishes and the 60 recipes in this book include many exciting and less-familiar options to tempt even reluctant vegetable eaters.

National Vegetarian Month has spilled over into November for us, it is like starting a detox and continuing to eat clean, we will be keeping up with a vegetarian meal plan.  You feel good afterwards and want to hold on to that feeling.   This month we plan to use our cookbook, because the holidays are a hard time for us to stay on track.  I am looking forward to the quinoa dishes.  I am the only one that eats quinoa.   I am hoping that some of the recipes will get my family to like it as well.  I was very excited to see the quinoa roasted vegetable recipe, I will be the only one eating it, but I do not mind.  My son, who wants to try everything in sight will definitely try it, but eating it I am not sure.  He thumbed through and only wants broccoli dishes.


Vegetarian+Step+by+Step Parragon Books-Love Food Vegetarian Step by Step Cookbook

Now, my daughter on the other hand loves falafel.  I have never tried falafel before, but I think I may try to eat falafel burgers, they look good in the cookbook, now lets home ours turn out like this.

Vegetarian+Step+by+Step Parragon Books-Love Food Vegetarian Step by Step Cookbook

I belief a cookbook like this will make cooking easier for me.  I run out of ideas and now feel a a flow of creativity brewing.

We will definitely have a story to tell next year for National Vegetarian month.

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Vegetarian+Step+by+Step Parragon Books-Love Food Vegetarian Step by Step Cookbook