Forever Friday Review-Christian Books Fiction

Forever+Friday Forever Friday Review-Christian Books Fiction

Christian Romance Books-Forever Friday, by Timothy Lewis began as an enjoyable read.  The premise of the story was very promising.

Adam Colby, an estate seller, goes to a sale and  finds a secret stash of post cards with romantic poems that Gabe Alexander, sent his wife Huck every Friday during their marriage.  Adam is intrigued by this considering his marriage ended in divorce a few years earlier.   Adam hopes that reading the posts cards will reveal the secret to having a long, happy marriage.

Forever Friday tells the story of Gabe and Huck Alexander’s marriage.  I am a true romantic and enjoyed following their love story, at times.  However; there were unrealistic moments that transpired between Gabe and Huck.  At times Huck seemed a bit naive about things that most married women would know not to allow in a marriage.  Gabe was very forgiving of things and each time a problem arouse everything worked out.  The book was very predictable.  Another concern I had was neither Gabe nor Huck wanted to have children.   I understand there are Christians that do not want to have children and maybe Timothy Lewis was touching on those individuals.   I was not happy with the Alexanders being so against having children, it was implied that was one of the reasons to a happy marriage.   Their not wanting to have children was one many coincidences and predictions I did not find favorable.

There is a character Mr. Jack that only makes one statement to Huck when she was a child, but throughout the book he is mentioned as if he made such an incredible impact on her life.  Which I found very unrealistic and forced feed to me as a reader.

At times I felt like the book was a bit rushed on certain points like towards the end or maybe something was missing.  It felt like Timothy Lewis new he had to come to a close and things got a little rushed.

I recommend this book strictly for passing time and not being spiritually feed. Even if you are not looking to be spiritually feed, I am not sure if this a good read, because of all of my concerns.   It was so unrealistic, by the time I got the last chapter I struggled to finish it.  I was over the flash backs and could not understand why Adam Colby was so intrigued by the Alexanders.

There were times I felt a since of warmth, but this is not a book I would rush to pull of the shelf.


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Forever+Friday Forever Friday Review-Christian Books Fiction