A Healthy Lifestyle and Weight Loss Story

HerbalMagic-Logo-1024x319 A Healthy Lifestyle and Weight Loss Story

I can remember a couple of years ago I was not concerned about gaining weight and if I did, I could take it off quickly.  I have always been a healthy eater and a true believer in healthy weight loss. I do not eat or pork and I eat fruits and vegetables.   And lets not forget I exorcise and drinking lots of water.   This has been my routine for about about 20 years.

Let’s fast forward to today.  I continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I really do not like fruit, but I juice/blend my fruit and vegetables.  About two years ago, I stopped working out as much and gained what I thought was 10 pounds, but until recently discovered is actually 20.  20 pounds is not a good look for me, so I decided I would work harder on my  natural weight loss plan I have always used.  This past summer I started hiking, walking and light jogging 3-5 daily.  I have not been consistent, but I will incorporate crunches  leg lifts and light weights, nightly.  Believe it or not,  I tone well with my own body weight.  A couple of years ago, after doing all of these things I would be very lean and fit.  That is not the case, today.   I am seeing results, but I have to work harder.  For self motivation, I have registered for a couple of 5k runs.    I am slowly working myself into doing a seasonal detox(I have a seasonal detox book) or either juicing for a week.  As I mentioned, drinking water is important.  One trick I learned 20 years ago was to drink a glass of water before and after each meal, that will put me at six glasses of water and I will not eat as much food.  Drinking throughout the day puts me at 8-10 glasses easy.  I drink lots of herbal tea as well, at least 2-3 glasses a day.  I do not eat past 7 p.m. and if I do I will eat prunes.

All of these things do work, but as I have gotten older I have to make sure I work harder at it.  It has taken me about three months to see results.  Results, that were noticeable.  It has taken longer than I anticipated, but it is happening and I am working harder at getting it off.

I am a smaller framed woman and 20 pounds does not look good on me.  I do not share this with too many people, because when I speak of my weight dilemma, people tell me I sound ridiculous.  I do not care if you are smaller or larger.  If you have gained unwanted pounds it does feel good.    I am confident that all that I am doing is paying off and I will be swim suit ready next summer.  Everything I am doing is natural and does take time.  Everyday, I look in the mirror or try on clothes that do not fit and get motivated to fit into that article of clothing.

Yes, I want to have the body I had a couple of years ago, but the most important thing is I feel good.  When I am feeling stressed or pressured, I go for a 3 mile walk or run after 20 minutes into my workout, I begin to calm down and I feel good.

I am becoming a better me and that is important.  I know that sticking to a healthy weight loss program that works for me will produce results.  I have to remind myself to be patient, stay disciplined and don’t give up.  If I can do it any one can do it.

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post with the Niche Parent Network & Conference

HerbalMagic-Logo-1024x319 A Healthy Lifestyle and Weight Loss Story