Beywarriors Shogun Steel Octagon Showdown Battle Set -The New Beyblade

Beywarriors Beywarriors Shogun Steel Octagon Showdown Battle Set -The New Beyblade

Beyblade’s invaded my home two years ago and I do not think they are going anywhere for a long time.  I am not helping the situation, because I was received Beywarriors Shogun Steel, Octagon Showdown Battle Set from Chatterbox and was excited to share it with my son.

Let me just tell you…having the newest Beyblade is very important.  I do not know all of the ends and outs of Beyblades, but I do know that giving him the new Beywarriors was HOT!  Over the past two years I have been to Toys R Us, Target and Amazon shopping for the newest Beyblades.  That is my purpose (not really).  He is kind of enough to describe what is new and hot in the Beyblade world and which friend has what item.  Last year, the thing was asking to take some his new blades to school or camp to show his friends.  The answer has been NO.  After searching for the right blade for what seems like endless hours, he cannot afford to lose anything.

My son has been letting it rip with his new Beywarriors.  The Octagon Showdown Battle Set keeps him entertained and he looks cool when he is with his friends.

What I like about the set is, it is durable and like all of the Beyblades.  They have to be sense, little boys are using the ripcords to spin these things around.  The ripcords work really well.  Before we received the set, I was buying everything expect for the set, so my little guy needed this.  He was playing in the entry way, outside sneaking into the kitchen, in the bathroom any flat surface and the blades were spinning everywhere.  Now they can be isolated in the Beystadium with two entrance ramps.  Thank goodness!!!

My son has also recently developed an interest in collector cards.  He did not know about the Beywarriors collector cards, so when he opened his package and found the collector cards he was very excited.  It is something new he and his friends can talk discuss and of course something else for me to purchase.  I know that two cards will not be enough.  I will use the cards as apart of my reward system and of course he can save his money to purchase them as well.

Need I say more.  Beywarriors are fun and it seems like most boys like them.  I do know, for sure my son and his friends do.  They are having good fun.

I plan on battling my son soon, that is after I figure out how to work the ripcord.  I am one of the coolest moms.  Yes, I am patting myself on the bag right now.

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Beywarriors Beywarriors Shogun Steel Octagon Showdown Battle Set -The New Beyblade