Purex Ultra Packs Plus Oxi Review-Purex Laundry Soap


ultra+packs Purex Ultra Packs Plus Oxi Review-Purex Laundry Soap


Purex UltraPacks Plus Oxi– So far so good!  My family has been using Purex UltraPacks plus Oxi for a couple of weeks.   So far we like the UltraPacks just like all of the other Purex products we use.

I am always concerned about using the pack for a small load so I do not use them then.  I know….it beats having to measure and is convenient, but for some reason, I think I am wasting them if I use the on a small load.

The first load I tried the Purex UltraPacks on, was my eight year old, sons load and some towels. I always use his clothes as the true test.  If these packs can get his clothes clean, the ultra packs are doing their job.  Of course they got the job done, so I tried using it on a lighter load of towels.  I was pleased with how the towels looked, felt and smelled.

Since we use Purex for a lot of our washing and have been pleased so far, I cannot say I see a huge difference with getting our laundry any more clean, but I do know the clothes are clean.  Trust me, I know they are clean, because I have tried some detergents and I have to return them to the store, get frustrated add more detergent than is required, etc. Since I do not have to do these issues with Purex, I am happy.  I know Purex UltraPacks plus  Oxi is doing it’s job.

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Disclosure:  product/compensation was received in exchange for review.

ultra+packs Purex Ultra Packs Plus Oxi Review-Purex Laundry Soap