Gimbal’s Fine Candies Introduces Cinnamon Lovers Hearts


gimbal Gimbal’s Fine Candies Introduces Cinnamon Lovers Hearts

Gourmet candy– With the holiday’s approaching and Valentine’s Day following shortly after, Gimbal’s Fine Candies introduces Cinnamon Lovers Hearts made with real cinnamon oil.

Thoughts of cinnamon, apple cider, cinnamon sticks and fresh breath crossed my mind when I opened my package of Cinnamon Lovers Hearts.  They smelled so good.

Like many edible things I receive I opened the package immediately.   I was taken by surprise.  This candy was strong!    I was not prepared for that, a little hot for me, but I liked it.   I find myself snacking on a couple of pieces daily.   My son and daughter like them as well.  My eight year old is eating them. Although they are a little hot for our tongues we keep eating them, because overall they taste good.   The texture is perfect.  I love jelly beans and believe I know a thing or two about how they should feel when I am chewing them.  These candies are gluten free and are free of the “Major Eight” food allergen that are responsible for more than 90 percent of food allergies.   Yes,  this makes things a lot easier when giving gifts or entertaining guest.  It seems like many people are allergic to something and I have to put in a lot of thought on what to give or share with them.

I have never tasted Gimbal’s candies until the other day.  Where have I been?  Gimbal’s was founded in 1898 and I do not think I ever tried it before.  Well, I am just glad I was presented the opportunity to try it.    Cinnamon Lovers Hearts was a bit spicy for me, but I called my mother who happens to love cinnamon candy.  I told her I had something for her the next time I saw her.  I packed some candy in a baggy and when I gave it to her, I suggested she share with my father.  On the day I met with her she was 20 minutes from her house.  20 minutes after saying goodbye, I received a text from her saying, “I ate all of the candy, lol.”   She had not saved any for my poor father.  I went home and hid some in the back of the cabinet for the next time I see my parents.  I will have an entire bag for them to share.

Gimbal’s Cinnamon Lovers Hearts is definitely bursting with flavor.  I can only imagine how good the other flavors taste.  I will definitely have to try them.  I suspect the sour jelly beans are really sour and the cherry jelly beans really taste like cherry.  Actually, I want to try all of the jelly beans candy. I have recently discovered I love gourmet licorice candy.  I know I would love the licorice Scotties.   I have tried different brands of jelly beans and now I am adding Gimbal’s to my list of favorite gourmet jelly beans.

With so many holidays approaching Gimbals Fine Candies would be a great gift for any holiday.

Disclosure: product/compensation was received in exchange for review.

gimbal Gimbal’s Fine Candies Introduces Cinnamon Lovers Hearts