National Preparedness Disaster Month – Milk Unleashed

Shelf+life+milk National Preparedness Disaster Month - Milk Unleashed

Home Emergency Preparedness Kit– September was National Preparedness Month.  I am embarrassed to say, my family did not have a well organized emergency kit.  It was lacking some things.  Thanks to Milk Unleashed, we are now educated on having an organized emergency kit and being prepared in time of a disaster.

Only about 20 percent of Americans have an emergency kit and family communications plan!  We have definitely been apart of that 20 percent.  September is National Disaster Preparedness Month, and a great time to make sure you’re ready.  Although September has passed it is not too late to get things in order.

Families with children should know that shelf safe milk is a great way to provide a nutritious, protein-packed beverage anytime, without worrying about spoilage. Milk Unleashed, an educational campaign about the benefits of shelf safe milk, has a month’s worth of tips for preparing for an emergency.
Shelf+life+milk National Preparedness Disaster Month - Milk Unleashed


Shelf safe milk is Grade A, nutritious real milk that is ultra pasteurized and packaged in a Tetra Pak carton (like a juice box or carton of soup). It will keep for six to nine months without refrigeration and is much tastier than powdered milk (especially the flavored milks).  My son loves milk and loves all flavors.  It pleases me to know that if we ever have an emergency I have stored shelf safe milk that he enjoys and that is good for him.


Milk Unleashed suggest people use daylight savings time in the spring and fall as a reminder to replace the water and shelf safe milk in their emergency supply kit. Plus check the expiration dates of any food, infant formula and over the counter medicines.


Check out Milk Unleashed for more information and tips. (It is shelf safe and unleashed from the refrigerator!)  Having an emergency checklist for home is very important, so please check out the Milk Unleashed site for tips.  Now, there should not be any reason to question, What is shelf stable milk?  or What emergency preparedness supplies do I need?  One thing you will need is shelf safe milk.


Shelf+life+milk National Preparedness Disaster Month - Milk Unleashed


I am comfortable using shelf save milk for my family.  I can remember when there was a time powdered milk was considered the only option for an emergency kit.  I do not believe it came in a variety flavors.  Times have changed and now I can pack the milk cartons in our home emergency kit.  I have to keep the kit hidden, because some people want to drink the milk for lunch.

Do you have an emergency kit?

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Shelf+life+milk National Preparedness Disaster Month - Milk Unleashed