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Eternal, by H.G. Nadel-My daughter laughs at me because I have finally crossed over to romantic thrillers.  She will be thrilled to hear that I am interested in the debut novel, Eternal, by H.G. Nadel.

This  romantic thriller surrounds a twelfth-century French medieval philosopher and a twenty-first-century tortured scientist who resurrect a romance–and all the demons belonging to it.

The first in a trilogy, ETERNAL introduces eighteen-year-old science prodigy Julia Jones, who is still recovering from the death of her mother and is using her summer internship to help her move on from her loss. After she saves the life of her boss during a freak accident, strange things start to happen. Readers will be drawn into the story of real-life, star-crossed lovers Pierre Abelard, twelfth-century French philosopher and poet, and his breathtaking, brilliant, beloved Heloise.

Eternal appeals to teens, young adults and adults.  I get excited when their is a book I can share with either one of my children.  It is always a great conversation piece.  It looks like we may be reading Eternal in our household.

Here is a chance for you to check out Eternal.  Please enter below and good luck!!!

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  1. Looks interesting. I have a long to-read list, but maybe, yeah?

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