Wearever Diabetic Socks Review-Diabetic Socks Review

Diabetic+Socks Wearever Diabetic Socks Review-Diabetic Socks Review


Diabetic Socks Review -My mother was diagnosed with diabetes some years back and has been wearing diabetic socks.   She is very particular about her diabetic socks.  They have to be the perfect fit and feel very comfortable.  When I asked her to review Wearever Diabetic Socks , she was eager and I was hoping they would meet her standards.

She decided to order the Buster Brown Cotton Knee High Sock and the Cotton Diabetic Socks by Buster Brown (short).  These socks are made of pure cotton – with a touch of lycra for added stretch and comfort, our Cotton Knee High Socks are ideal for all-day wear with any casual footwear. Designed for gentle support, these easy-care ladies’ socks are made to last – and feel great. Colors: White. Black. Ivory.

  • *Machine wash, dry
  • *Imported
  • *Colors: Black, White, or Ivory
  • *Packed 3 pairs, same size
Diabetic+Socks Wearever Diabetic Socks Review-Diabetic Socks Review

I think I was more excited about her reviewing these socks than she was.  I asked questions trying to convince myself she would like these socks better than the socks she had been using.  I asked what do you think?  She said, “These look like the socks I am using.”  Really…was that all she was going to say?  Yes, that is all she had to say, that is until her package arrived.

The day my mother received her package she called me to let me know she had received her socks.   She was opening the package while I was on the phone.  She said, “Oh my goodness!  I have three pairs of each.”  I think she did not read that there would be three in a pack.   I was happy to hear she was happy.  We agreed she would wear them for a about a month before she would give me her honest opinion.  When the one month period finally approached she told me she really liked them and these were not the same socks she had been wearing.  She actually liked these better, they were a little thicker/tighter.  She then informed me that my father has had some swelling from his high blood pressure and has been wearing some of hers.  She actually split the packages with him.  Now both of my parents are wearing these diabetic socks although one of them is not diabetic.  If my father thinks they help him as well that is even better.  I must also mention he runs at least 5 plus miles almost daily.  He is very active.  I am not sure but maybe the swelling could be a combination of running and high blood pressure.  I am not a doctor so I will leave it alone.  All I need to know is he likes the socks as well and it helps his swelling.

I am so happy my parents have had a pleasant experience with Wearever Diabetic Socks.



Disclosure: products/compensation were received in exchange for review.

Diabetic+Socks Wearever Diabetic Socks Review-Diabetic Socks Review