Choose To Be Nice, Not Just Another T-Shirt

Choose+to+Be+Nice+t-shirt Choose To Be Nice, Not Just Another T-Shirt

Choose To Be Nice- Having the opportunity to participate in the Choose To Be Nice t-shirt   campaign came at the perfect time.

I received my Choose To Be Nice t-shirt earlier this month and decided to wear it on a day that I knew I would interact with different people.

I started my day volunteering at my sons school.  My son has been attending this school for four years (K-3).   Like a lot of organizations in the world/life even at the elementary school people can be very cliquish and not very nice.  Over the years I have experienced some standoffish people and have opted to not worry about it.   I have been volunteering the entire time he has attended this school and I find that some of the parents can be a trip.  On this day things were different.  Mothers that I have volunteered with over the years were speaking to me, they were even asking to exchange phone numbers.  Really….I began to wonder is  my shirt?  Was it subconsciously saying something to these moms????  Either way, I was not going to harp on their past behavior I exchanged pleasantries and kept on moving.  People are funny.

After leaving the school I headed over to my credit union.  I have banked at my credit union for close to 20 years and pretty much know all of the staff.  A couple days prior I had gone into the bank and I told the teller to do a few transactions.  He did them wrong and when I brought it to his attention he seemed bothered.  This is a young man that has always been nice to me, but on this day I did not appreciate his attitude.  The teller next to him tried to attribute his bad attitude to having a cold.  I did not care, it was not acceptable.  When I returned on this day, I got the same teller.  I was harboring my feelings from the other day.  When I approached him, he was smiling and so pleasant.  My feelings and emotions initially began to feel irritation, but I immediately opted to be nice.  I was feeling good!!! Was it my shirt????  I do not know if he noticed the shirt, but I remembered I had it on and it reminded me to be nice.    This day was going so well.

Next my daughter and I went to the mall to do a little shopping.  Everywhere we went, it seemed everyone was nice.  There was a moment, my daughter joked with me when one sales person was not being very nice and I almost stooped down to her level.  My daughter said, “Mom I think the power of shirt is wearing off.”  She was directing it towards my almost bad behavior.  I stopped myself and acted accordingly.

I believe being nice can be a natural characteristic, but I do believe that no matter how nice you are we all need some practice and a reminder sometime.  The Choose To Be Nice t-shirt is a great reminder.  I felt good wearing my shirt for an entire day.  I was nice and everyone I  interacted with was nice.  I will be wearing my shirt again and again and again.

Choose+to+Be+Nice+t-shirt Choose To Be Nice, Not Just Another T-Shirt