LifeTrak Move C300 Review and Giveaway


Lifetrack LifeTrak Move C300 Review and Giveaway
Setting up my LifeTrak

I have gained some weight within the past couple of years and I want it off.   I had never had this issue before.  I soon learned that I weighed more than I thought when I received the   LifeTrak Activity Tracker for review.

In order to set my LifeTrak Move C300 up, I had to  input my weight.  Oh now, the dreaded scale.  I absolutely dislike that thing.  Well, I complied and quickly learned the LifeTrak Move C300 would be my new best friend.  So I started moving!!!    This summer I started hiking, swimming, running and walking 3-5 times a week. I had slacked off prior.  A major no, no.

In an instant I was motivated.   I have signed up for a 5k in October.  It has been a while since I have done one, but the LifeTrak has assisted me in meeting some of my goals.  Do not get me wrong, some days, I ask myself what are you thinking, but I keep going.  I am beginning to like my body again.  I am a smaller framed woman, but have learned at this age your body goes through a lot of changes.  After two children and being over 40, I want to look spicy.  I am not confident in posting my transformation, but I will tell you I am seeing great results.  After weeks of going hard, last week I woke up and finally felt like my hard work is paying off.  I do not have to manually track my heart rate, distance or calories burned any more.  Well, I was not doing much of before, except for distance and with my upcoming 5k I am now checking everything.   What I like best is there is NO battery charging.

For the past month I have been tracking my progress with a touch of button.  I have to admit, I get a little mixed up and I have ask my daughter what am I doing or what did I do wrong.  I then her saying, “Mom, you cleared this or that. Just push this button.”   But, I am just that way with technology.

The LifeTrak Move C300 also captures, holds and wirelessly transmits health related data to Bluetooth Smart enabled devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Since I want to look spicy, I want be fashionable.  The LifeTrak is very fashionable.  I wear it all day. Now that I wear it all day,  it has opened my eyes to how much I move or how much I am not moving.  This does not fib.

I did not use it while swimming, only because I did not swim when I received it.  It is waterproof.   I put it under my sink water to check.   I am a lazy swimmer, but a competitive person within my own workouts, so the next time I go swimming I am determined to set a goal and meet it.

I am not gym person, but was pleased to hear that, LifeTrak was launched by Salutron, Inc.  Salutron has been the leading provider of the most accurate touch “ECG” technology of top fitness clubs for more than 18 years.

So now…If you are looking to get healthy or are healthy and need a product that will accurately track your activities, LifeTrak Move C300 is a good choice.

 Here is your opportunity to win a LifeTrak Move C300 .Entry-Form

Disclosure: I’ve received Move C300 activity tracker as a compensation for my time and efforts via Fitspiration for  Moms Network.  The thoughts, experiences and opinions are entirely mine.


Lifetrack LifeTrak Move C300 Review and Giveaway


  1. Keep up the great work and good look on your 5k run….. Keda Taylor

  2. Great review. I have started to see changes too…getting older is tough! lol. Good luck with the swimming, I am a lazy swimmer too. It seems like a pleasure sport so its hard to get motivated to actually "work out" in the water!

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