Kmart Presents: “My Limo” By Da Rich Kidzz

As the kids would say, “Turn Up!”  When I heard about the Kmart Presents:  “My Limo” by Da Rich Kidzz I had not put any thought into it.  When I clicked on the YouTube video I immediately thought, my son needs to see this.  Now, I cannot wait for him to get out of school.  My kids laugh, because they think a can be a little stuffy at times, but lately I have been loosening up with the new term, TURN UP!  So when he gets home we are going to Turn Up while watch this video.  This is a great commercial promoting back to school.  “My school bus is my limo.”  I am rockin to the beat.

Da Rich Kidzz are a group of kid rappers from Minneapolis, ranging from ages 10-13 years old.  They have teamed up with Kmart and Shop Your Way to make a hip-hop music video all about riding their school bus back to school in style #KmartBackToSchool.

Presented by Mami Innovative Media, this is a sponsored post.  I am a #KmartBackToSchool blogger, though all opinions are my own. Kmart Presents: "My Limo" By Da Rich Kidzz