Ignite The Bible For Teens New King James Version- Bible Review

_225_350_Book.906.cover Ignite The Bible For Teens New King James Version- Bible Review

I requested to review Ignite The Bible for Teens for my daughter.  She has been wanting a new Bible and I thought this would be perfect for her.

If you have a teen or are a teen that is searching for ways to understand the Bible, Ignite just may be the book for you.  I waited to review this Bible, because I wanted to see what my daughter had to say about it without my asking.    Today, during our morning workout, she told me she dreamt she went to Heaven.  I asked her what did she think prompted such a dream, her exact words were, “I think it was the new Bible you gave me.  I read it every night and I am able to understand what is being said.”

She is learning more with the features that are offered:

  • Find It Fast—A table of contents and topical index on the inside cover so it’s easy to find what you need
  • Spotlight—In depth features about the big story of God and His people
  • White Hot Topics—Articles that deal with major issues that teens face today
  • Flashpoint—Smaller articles that introduce teens to topics and stories they don’t know are in the Bible
  • Sparks—Highlights of Bible promises to deepen faith
  • Soul Fuel—Relevant verses pulled out for memorization

She believes all of these features are helpful.

I am happy to hear that she is ending her night, by reading the Bible and is having a better understanding.

Ignite is nice looking.  I think it is perfect for a teen or young adult.  It seems to be rather durable.  I am a little sensitive when it comes to certain textures so I could not hold it very long, because the feel of it or maybe the freshness of it, made me feel like I did not want to touch it.  My daughter did not have this same reaction. She really likes it.  She says, “It is my favorite Bible thus far, thank you mom.”  We both like the print and the typeface. The pages seem are just right.  I believe she will have this Bible for a while as she approaches being a young adult.

Disclosure:  Product/compensation was received in exchange for review, all opinions are my own.

_225_350_Book.906.cover Ignite The Bible For Teens New King James Version- Bible Review