Smurfs2 Screening And Party

I have shared Smurf2  giveaways and events with you for the past month in preparation for the new Smurfs2 Movie.  Well here is my final Smurfs2 post.

My family attended a Smurfs2 Screening and party hosted by Sony Pictures.   We were served chicken fingers, macaroni balls, cupcakes, mini corn dogs, a variety of fruit and of course Menchies, Smurfberry frozen yogurt.  Besides all of the wonderful food, there were activities for the kids.  Color Me Mine brought in Smurfette pieces for the kids to paint and pick up at the closest Color Me Mine location.  Ubisoft was there with the new Smurfs2 game.  I had to try my hand it.  I have not played video games in years, so while playing against my son, I lost.

After all of this, we went inside the theater and watched, Smurfs2!!!!  We were looking forward to seeing how the Naughties would play into the new film.  Although, they were naughty I really liked them.  Smurfs2 was funny, heartwarming and cute.  There were some jokes I found to be a little inappropriate, but overall the film is definitely a must see.  Get your tickets here.

smurfs+7-24_0168 Smurfs2 Screening And Party

After the film was over every child received an awesome gift bag field with Smurfs2 promotional items and we were all given a package of blueberries.  Sony definitely knows how to throw a party.

smurfs+7-24_0168 Smurfs2 Screening And Party


  1. I'd like to see Smurfs 2 because I saw the first one, but I don't think it's a movie my kids will be seeing anytime soon.

  2. We've never been to a movie screening, sounds like you have a glam life. I will be taking the kids to see it before they head back to school.

  3. My kids have been wanting to see this movie. I plan on taking them next weekend. The Screening Party sounds like it was fun!

  4. I used to watch the Smurfs on TV on Saturday mornings with my kids when they were little. I haven't been to a Smurf movie yet but maybe I will get to this one somedey

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