Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum Review

before+eye+picture Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum Review

before+eye+picture Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum Review


You lose a lot of things when getting older.  Like many other things I was not warned about losing eye lashes as well.  Well, Fysiko Lashes has helped me grow my lashes longer than ever before.  Fysiko really works!  I am so happy I was selected to participate in this Sverve campaign.  Now when I do not have on mascara I feel confident that my lashes show.

The confidence arrived the day, my daughter said, “Mom your lashes look so long.”  She did not know I was using the growth serum and I did not want to tell her, because she would want to use it for her own, youthful long lashes.  The longer the better.  She complemented me at the 13 week point of using Fysiko.  I could not resist I had to tell her what I had been doing.  She said, “They really look good.  Now you just need to find a great mascara so they will pop.”  She was absolutely right.  They have grown, but my lashes curl.  When I apply mascara they do look long, but they really curl.  I will be in the mall trying to find the right mascara to fit my new, longer lashes.

I took the “after”picture yesterday and am very happy.  Although I have been using it for 16 weeks, I am going to continue to use it.  It has natural ingredients that really work.  It is easy to apply.

Prior to trying Fysiko I did try another growth serum, but it was not natural and  I was not very consistent, because I would worry about what I was putting on my lashes.

For the past 16 weeks I have been using the serum.  I started out using it twice a day and then I had to start applying once a day.  Sometimes I will apply it at night, which I think is the best, but I was not able to do so as often and had to switch to applying it in the morning.  I found that if I used it at night every night, I would wake up with a white film and I felt like I was getting a sty on my eye.  So I switched to early morning.  When I have felt like my eye would be okay I have gone back to twice a day.  It depends on how my eyes feel.  I did experience a little darkening on my top lid around the seventh week, but I started to apply the serum like I would mascara until the darkening went away.

This is an awesome product and I really like it.  IT WORKS!!!!

before+eye+picture Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum Review
before+eye+picture Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum Review


  1. It's a nice review of Eyelash Growth Serum. But i am using xlash eyelash serum and this serum worked really well for me! I am a recovering sufferer of trichotillomania, which is a disorder where people pull out their hair. I, unfortunately, pulled my eyelashes. I wear glasses so I could sort of hide it, but I knew that I had no eyelashes and that bothered me. My eye doctor prescribed Latisse, but that was way out of my price range. I found xlash eyelash serum on a Google search for about $14.99 in this website http://www.xlash.net/ and decided to give it a shot. This eyelash serum has worked so well and my eyelashes have grown back even longer, I've been eyelash-pulling free for about 3 months! In closing, this serum worked very well for me and I would recommend it to other lash-loss sufferers. 🙂

  2. I am glad you have found an eyelash serum that works for you. I have not tried xlash. I am pleased with the results have received from Fysiko Lashes. Thank you for sharing.

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