Sprint’s 4G LTE Coverage Expands

Virgin+Mobile Sprint's 4G LTE Coverage Expands

Considering I have been a Sprint customer for 15 years, I was excited when I received the invitation to attend the Sprint LA event.

My daughter, Ari attended this event with me, and we both received loads of information regarding our family plan, new phones, hot spots, coverage and so much more.  I probably needed more information than anyone in the room.  First of all I was still using a Blackberry Curve, in which I have been wanting to upgrade, but was kind of fearful of upgrading because I feel technology is advancing so fast, I have been a bit intimated.    Well that problem has been solved, because I won an HTC One in a raffle during the event.  YAY for me.  I am trying to get acclimated with it and it is forcing me to overcome my intimidation’s.  Thank you Sprint.

As devices get more advanced, customers need a network that is advanced also.  Through Sprint’s network buildout, known as Network Vision, Sprint is building an all-new 3G and 4G network that is expected to improve all aspects of the wireless experience for customers.  Customers in ares where 4G LTE is available will notice consistently faster data speeds and clearer voice calls and Sprint 3G customers can expect to see better coverage and improved network reliability and voice quality once the improvements come to their areas.  I am really looking forward to this.  Maybe I can get rid of my Air Rave.

Some of the phones we saw were the HTC 8XT(The first Windows Phone 8 device from Sprint) , Kyocero Hydro Edge(the ideal device to get wet and be worry-free), and the LG Optimus F3.

As consumers we want what looks the best, performs the best and is cost effective.  What I like about Sprint is they have good plans, but most importantly they are always looking for was to improve overall.

We were introduced to  Lookout.  Lookout offers complete protection against the latest malware and viruses, loss and theft.  Although, it took me a while to upgrade I did have concerns about protecting the phones in our plan.  Lookout is great because it has: App Scanning- Automatic protection from the latest viruses, malware and spyware as you download and open apps and files.  Safe browsing-Surf the mobile web safely knowing that every site you visit including links from emails, texts, and even Facebook, is safe.  Back up- photo backup-Save all of your irreplaceable photos and access them from any web browser.  Missing Device-Locate & Scream- Instantly map the location of your phone from any internet browser and if its nearby, sound a loud alarm-even if your phone is on silent. Privacy- Protect your privacy and know which apps access your private information.  This was a lot to take in, but it gave relief to some of my concerns and opened my eyes to things I have not been exposed to.

While learning about Lookout, we discussed the Sprints Wireless Parenting Resources.  Ari has had a phone since she was 10, but technology was not as advanced and she did not use her phone a lot.  She is in college now and we do not need this for her, but my eight year old son is dying to get a phone, in which he will not get one for some years, but it is good to know that these resources exist.  Sprint is committed to providing families the resources and tools they need to make their mobile lives easier and to help protect and manage their child’s wireless usage. Sprint offers parents a wide variety of mobile phones and apps and services to help make their busy lives a little easier.


Sprint prepaid plans -I have always been a contract customer, but I was pleased to learn that Sprint has branched out and is offering no contract plans through Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile.

Boost Mobile – Redefines value for consumers with its no-contract Monthly Unlimited plans with Shrinking Payments, where the longer you stay, the less you pay. Exclusive to Boost, after every six on-time payments, your monthly payment shrinks by $5 a month, up to a maximum $15, making the $55 Android Monthly Unlimited plan, which includes unlimited talk, text, Web, email, and 411, available for as low as $40/month.


·         Virgin Mobile USA – The data-savvy consumers who are always connected but not always on voice. Beyond Talk unlimited data plans, with 3G and available 4G, starts at $35/month.


  payLo – Sprint’s prepaid brand that targets budget-conscious consumers who only need feature phones.


Broadband2Go – 3G/4G mobile broadband Internet access without a contract – only pay for it when you need it.


       Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile offer a diverse handset line up including the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Ring from Virgin and LG Optimus F 7 from Boost Mobile.
Again, speaking from my own experience with Sprint, I have always had an unlimited plan, but Sprint has made it even better.  They have recently launched the Sprint Unlimited Guarantee which provides customers with the security of having unlimited talk, text and data while on the Sprint network guaranteed for the life of the line of service.  Sprint customers who choose unlimited data never have to worry about surprises on their monthly bills from data overage charges like they do with shared data plans for AT&T and Verizon.  For more information click here.
Like any relationship my ride has not always been smooth with Sprint, but I have continued to stay because I have and am witnessing positive changes.  In recent years they have improved the customer service experience, I have witnessed it first hand and am I am pleased to see that they are diligently working in this area.  It is refreshing to know that Sprint is Number 1 among all national carriers and most improved in customer satisfaction, across 47 industries, over the last four years, according to the 2012 American Customer Service Index.   This is very important to me, because good customer service allows me to feel like I am being heard, may it be good or bad.  I am glad Sprint is making an effort to offer the best customer service.
You are looking for new service provider head over to Sprint.

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Virgin+Mobile Sprint's 4G LTE Coverage Expands