Whole Foods Market Oxnard Grand Opening

Whole+foods+Oxnard+grand+opening Whole Foods Market Oxnard Grand Opening

You would think our family had never been to Whole Foods before.  We attended the friends and family grand opening for Whole Foods Market Oxnard.  While we were there my son said, “Mom this event rocks!”  All the while my daughter is shaking her head at him.  I know the shake of the head means she wishes he would not use the word, “rock”.  She has told him numerous times it is not cool.   I agree with my son,  the store did rock!  Great music played throughout the store and people were in the best of spirits.  We were eating drinking and being merry.

The official grand opening for this store was June 19th.  The new Whole Foods is 30,000 square feet and tailored to the community.

We were impressed by many things in the store.  Although, we were able to see many aspects of the store, we all liked the seating lounge, but really liked the restaurant Bar Rincon, that is named after a nearby surfing spot. There is a total seating of 100 between the lounge and Bar Rincon.  Bar Rincon has seating for more than 50 people and a rotating selection of more than 24 craft beers on tap, plus wine and an extensive menu featuring local produce and sustainable meats. A daily happy hour will also be available. And I do not want to forget free Wifi.   Bar Rincon was the place to be, people were eating, drinking and socializing.  It did not feel like I was in Whole Foods.

The new Oxnard store reflects the company’s mission of supporting sustainable agriculture and the environment.  With a focus on fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, specialty items, high quality meats and poultry, everyday pantry staples and sustainable seafood, the store will appeal to a variety of customers ranging from health conscious to serious food enthusiast.

My family is pretty  health conscious.  We have one vegetarian and two people that do not eat beef or pork, well one is starting to ask if they can try beef and pork.  We have been Whole Foods shoppers for many years and it keeps our family on the right track.

Attending this grand opening opened my eyes to some new things.  I am always trying to find something new to eat and prepare, but I find myself getting stuck and making some of the same dishes or for some reason I just cannot find something new that I think we will all like.    While attending the grand opening we tried mini salmon burger sliders. They were very good.  I had never purchased salmon patties from Whole Foods before, but will for now on. We have always been big fans of Sushi and you cannot go wrong at Whole Foods.  We discovered the Sesame Ginger Dressing goes well with the Toasted Sesame Kale Sushi Rolls.  That was the first item we tried and it was so good.  Did I mention we love kale????  My son has been taught to take what you get when you are out, but as he was handed one roll he asked for two.   Throughout the evening every time we passed that station, the man at the table would beckon for him to come over and would add more sushi to his plate.  Mind you he had eaten foods from other areas of the store.  Yes, he was completely stuffed.  He could not eat his other favorite food, pizza.

Whole+foods+Oxnard+grand+opening Whole Foods Market Oxnard Grand Opening
Beef Sliders and the happy Whole Foods Employee

We were given a coupon booklet and my son is anxious to use it.  We do not shop with coupons very often, but should and will do so.  My son has been thumbing through it and asking can we purchase practically the entire booklet when we return to Whole Foods.  I am pleased to see that he is excited about what we are purchasing.  As a mother this may help me figure out what my family likes or dislikes each week.  It changes from week to week.

I truly wish this Whole Foods was in our neighborhood.  I guess I should say, I wish there was a Whole Foods in my neighborhood.  By far, the Oxnard Whole Foods is the best Whole Foods we have been to so far.  I do like the other locations, but this one was an experience.  My parents live in Ventura, I will be stopping by Whole Foods when we visit.   They may start to wonder why we are visiting so frequently.

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post for Whole Foods Oxnard.

Whole+foods+Oxnard+grand+opening Whole Foods Market Oxnard Grand Opening


  1. Love Whole Foods and feel fortunate to have one not too far from our home. HAve to try the salmon patties you recommend. Thanks.
    Over from SITS!

  2. You will love them. I am spoiled the closest one is only 8 miles from me. But I want one down the street. Thanks for stopping by.

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