Monsters University Review

As I sat in El Capitan Theater I looked at my 18 year old, daughter and 7 year old, son. I remembered seeing Monsters Inc. in 2001 with my daughter before my son was born and now we were all watching Monsters University.

In this prequel we met a young version of Mike Wazowski and Sulley during their college years at Monsters University. Young, Mike (Billy Chrystal) is an awkward teenager with braces, with lots of ambition and no friends.  He is actually a nerd.

James P. Sullivan, (John Goodman) on the other hand is the complete opposite of Mike.  He is not the gentle giant we saw in Monsters Inc. He is the son of a famous monster and is very cocky, a big man on campus, that just wants to breeze through school.

In the case of Mike and Sulley, although they have pledged the same fraternity and are both majoring in “scaring”, they face many differences and become rivals.

As soon as the rivalry begins all of the action takes place.   Reminiscent of many of our old college days, there are classes, parties, competitions and fun!  Mike and Sulley learn many things about one another and about themselves they never knew existed.  The film was very entertaining for the three of us, but I am sure some of the jokes were over my sons head, but he did not know.  He loves to have a good time, so all I could hear was laughter.  He was not frightened by any portion of the movie.

When we returned home we watched Monsters Inc.  We were on a Monsters University high.   I am sure we will be seeing MU again.

Monster University will be in theaters June 21st, just in time for the first day of summer.  Going to see this film is a great way to kick of the summer.

Monsters+University Monsters University Review

Monsters+University Monsters University Review