Oscillococcinum Homeopathic Medicine Review

oscillo-2011-large Oscillococcinum Homeopathic Medicine Review

When I heard about Oscillococcinum through Naturally Savvy I immediately thought this would be perfect for my daughter.  When she gets flu-like symptoms she will not take anything unnatural.  She’d rather be miserable.  I truly believe in homeopathic medicine, but I have not had any flu-like symptoms so my daughter used the product.

Literally a couple of days after receiving our box of Oscillococcinum/ Oscillo in the mail, she began saying she felt sick.  Her body was aching and she was tired.  I thought, “Oh Lord.  What am I going to do?”  It is a chore when she gets sick, because she cannot function.   I always tell her if she takes something she will feel better.  She is very squeamish about medicine, because she has had to take a lot of medications all of her life, because she is severely asthmatic.

After she read that this product has a homeopathic remedy and may help relieve flu-like symptoms such as headaches, body aches, fatigue, chills and is natural she was ready to take it.  The first thing she liked was the quick dissolving pellets.  They came with 6 doses at 0.04 oz each.   We were both thrilled because we like anything that dissolves.  Initially, she said it reminded her of an over the counter medication that is powdery until she poured the pellets into her mouth.   Unlike the other brand, she liked the flavor.  I sat there looking at her as if I were watching some sort of project occur.  I was hoping this would resolve a lot of concerns she has.  Although it is not fast acting we believe it did reduce the duration and severity of the flu symptoms.  When I asked her, if she liked it she said she was not sure.  That day she take it every 6 hours and seemed to feel better the next day.

The following week, the symptoms returned with a headache.  I suggested take Oscillo again.  She agreed and she felt better after taking twice at every six hours.

For someone that thought this product was just okay, it did what it was supposed to do and now she wants to use it whenever she does not feel well.  Like most homeopathic remedies it does not work the same as the over the counter medication but over a period of time they do the job.

What we liked about Oscillo is, it is non-drowsy, no side effects, there are no drug interactions, the entire family can use it  and of course it works naturally with your body.

Many of us think that flu season is over, however did you know travelers are more susceptible to catching the flu? Confined spaces (such as a plane or bus), less opportunity to wash hands, and the fact that patterns of flu illness vary geographically may make you more vulnerable. Even those not leaving home may still be affected: out-of-town guests may bring the flu virus along with their luggage.  So do not let the flu bug catch you off guard. 

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post and with my opinions.

oscillo-2011-large Oscillococcinum Homeopathic Medicine Review

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  1. Oscillo is the canonical quack remedy. It is made by diluting a non-existent bacterium that doesn't cure flu, one part in ten to the four hundredth power. That's the equivalent of taking one atom, diluting it in the entire known universe, taking an atom of that mixture, diluting it in the entire known universe again, and again and again…

    They make it by mixing the liver of the duck one part in a hundred of water, pouring the entire mix away and refilling the vessel, pour away, refill… four hundred times.

    It really is that insane.

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