Spa Sonic Skin Care Review – Best Skin Care

Spa+Sonic Spa Sonic Skin Care Review - Best Skin Care

Do not underestimate the Spa Sonic Skin Care System.    I say this because many times consumers believe while search for the best skin care products the more you spend on a product the better it will perform.

Just the other day, I was at the make up counter wondering why am I here.  First the sales person tells me she thought I had great skin.  I have never been one to wear lots of make up.  But as I get older my skin is changing.  She asked me what do I use on my skin.  I told her I eat well, drink water, cleanse and moisturize my skin.  But I have been using my new Spa Sonic Skin Care System.  I have to admit she had amazing skin and was wearing only eyeliner and lipstick with lashes.  She was compelled to tell me she was using a well known skin care system, that cost an arm and a leg.  I told her the Spa Sonic cost less and is obviously working for me.  She could not believe it.  I could not wait to tell her that it is  available in major online retailers, including, and And, I left the make up counter without making a purchase.  She told me I did not need anything other than a tinted moisturizer.  I had that at home so I left.

After meeting this young lady at the make up counter, I have been more diligent in using the product, because I am seeing results.  It gives my face a shine or glow.
Clearly it is working well on my face, which I believe is very important, but I like for my entire body to feel and look good also. I fell in love with the pumice!  I do use a great moisturizer for my feet, but the pumice is an added bonus.  My feet fell good after using it.  They are so smooth.  I have also used the large brush for my entire body and I like it as well.
I use a Korean towel for my face and entire body periodically.  It scrubs everything, but the Spa Sonic is the complete opposite, it gives my skin a  fresh look and feel.  the brushes feel so soft and smooth like a buffer.  I am now consistent with the Spa Sonic and on my path to fabulous skin.
 What I like about Spa Sonic is, it works to deep cleanse the entire face and body.  Spa Sonic Skin Care System Face & Body Polisher is an affordable, waterproof device that’s ideal for use in the shower, bath or sink.  It operates with 4 attachments (all included): a small brush for the face, a large brush for the body, pumice for rough areas, and a facial sponge for micro-dermabrasion and reduction of fine lines.  The Spa Sonics’ dermal penetrating action promotes rapid absorption of skin care products and leaves skin toned and super smooth.
Spa Sonic tested comparably to the Clarisonic® Plus Skin Care System in an independent study conducted by the leading consumer testing laboratory (STR/Shuster Labs 2010).  Made with Clear Skin Technology, the Spa Sonic brush heads were specially designed by dermatologists, to deep clean while being completely non-irritating.
This product has become a perfect addition to my beauty regimen.
Currently Walmart has a great deal on for the Spa Sonic. The Spa Sonic is listed at Wal-Mart for $39.98, 38% off of 64.99
Spa+Sonic Spa Sonic Skin Care Review - Best Skin Care

Spa+Sonic Spa Sonic Skin Care Review - Best Skin Care


  1. They will like it. If you get them one, let me know how it works for them. I have been hiding mine from my seven year old son. He has great skin, but is into skin care already.

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