Dole Fruit Parfaits Review

When I applied for this campaign through Smiley360.  I thought I would be the only person trying Dole Fruit Parfaits.  I was completely wrong!

Let me explain. I usually do not eat packaged fruit but thought this would be something new to satisfy my sweet tooth. This would definitely be something different for me and my family.  When my son saw that I could redeem my free coupon for a package of Dole Parfaits, he sweetly asked if he could go with me to the store.  When we arrived at the store he picked out peaches and crème.  Well, we did not have a choice, because that was the only flavor on the shelf.  We agreed that we would share.  Really….the sharing consisted of him eating them and I tasting it.  Thank God, this stuff is low fat, I thought.  Mind you I purchased this two days ago, he ate one and I tasted it. the next  day, he asked if he could have one for breakfast instead of his breakfast smoothie, cereal and toast with Nutella.   I was reluctant, but opted to let him splurge.  He then took one for lunch.  There is one left in the fridge, and you have guessed it, he is taking to school for snack.  This is a simple healthy snack, that kids clearly love.

The portion I tasted I thought it was fairly tasty, but it is something about having fresh fruits.  Dole Fruit Parfait is something to have when you want to satisfy a sweet tooth.  The ingredients seem to be guilt free.  But, my mind keeps thinking to eat fresh fruit although the packaging states the nutrition information of the product.  What do I know.  I juice my fruits.

DOLE Fruit Parfaits contain all natural fruit and are rich in Vitamin C. They are naturally low fat, cholesterol free and very low in sodium. DOLE® Fruit Parfaits are available in the canned fruit section at select grocery retailers and online. They are available in three flavors, including: Pineapple & Crème, Apples & Crème, & Peaches & Crème.

When I want to give my son a treat, these fruit parfaits will be on the list every now and then.  I am not too sure how often I will eat this, if at all.  It can satisfy sweet cravings with a lot more nutrients than a candy bar or cake.  So why not pick up a package of Dole Fruit Parfaits.

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Disclosure:  All opinions in this review are my own.  I reviewed this product as a member of smiley360.

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