Ivory 2 In 1 Hair & Body Wash Review – Liquid Soap

Ivory++2+in+1 Ivory 2 In 1 Hair & Body Wash Review - Liquid Soap

It has been a while since I have done a product review for Influenster.  I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email informing me that I had been selected to review Ivory 2 IN-1 Hair & Body Wash .

I have mentioned in previous posts that I have a seven year old son that is into his personal hygiene.  Once again when the box arrived I hear a little voice saying, “Thanks mom I have new body wash and I can wash my hair!”  I am thinking, “No, you did not get new body wash.”  Instead, I tell him, “It is for us all to share.”  He does not mind sharing, but I knew he would be the main person using the New Ivory 2 IN-1 Hair & Body Wash.

The same night received the body wash, he decided he would take a bath and use the new body wash.  As I prepared his bath, I began to have memories of me using the Ivory  bar soap on him and my now 18 year old daughter when they were babies. I was told it was gentle and ok to use on babies/toddlers.  I began to feel confident about him using the body wash.  Once the bath was ready I told him to apply a small amount of soap in his wet towel.  I am always talking about how smells are important to my family, so you know we were eager to smell the body wash.  It has a fresh scent, with  a hint of the familiar Ivory smell.  When we poured it on to the towel I really liked the milky appearance and the smooth texture.  I was expecting for it to lather up a lot once it was on the wet towel and applied to my sons boy.  It did not, but he was fine with it.  We did use it to wash his hair we liked it,  but we were still hoping it would lather up, it just did not.  Needless to say, he was clean.  He continues use it daily.

I am using it only as a body wash.  As you can see this body wash is a nice fit for my son.  It is convenient, simple, it gets the entire body clean, it can save time, save money and it is not harsh on the skin.

The overall benefits of Ivory 2-In-1 are:

  • Dual-action formula that cleans head to toe in one simple step, and leaves hair conditioned
  • Free of dyes and heavy perfumes
  • Fewer bottles which mean less waste and more space in your bath/shower
  • Fewer products which result in money savings and simplify the shower experience

The idea of 2 In 1 hair and body wash is great!  I am finding that is perfect for kids.  My son loves it.  Now don’t get me wrong I like it and am using it as a body wash, but have not transitioned over to using it as a shampoo.  Although I wanted more lather, I do feel clean after using it.  I can honestly say we like it.

Ivory++2+in+1 Ivory 2 In 1 Hair & Body Wash Review - Liquid Soap

Disclosure: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Ivory++2+in+1 Ivory 2 In 1 Hair & Body Wash Review - Liquid Soap