Spatone Pur-Absorb Iron Review

getresource Spatone Pur-Absorb Iron Review

Participating in the Spatone pur-Absorb Iron Supplement campaign is one of the best campaigns I have participated in.  I have just joined Naturally Savvy, with hopes of participating in many campaigns that will benefit me and my readers who are interested in natural and organic living.

I am severely anemic and am always looking for iron supplements for anemia.  What I like most is that it is in liquid form.  I can add it to juice or water and there is not an after taste. A few years back, my doctor prescribed an iron supplement and it cost a lot, even with the copay.  I then found one that was a little cheaper at Whole Foods but did not last very long.  Testing pur-Absorb  was very important to me, because I have been looking for an iron supplement that delivered the right amount of iron and was reasonable.

pur-Absorb is a natural occurring iron rich spring water collected and packaged straight from the Snowdonia mountain range in North Wales, long recognized for its iron-rich waters.  The water is filtered for bacteria then filled into convenient, easy-open packets.  There is no other processing or ingredients are added.

I have been taking pur-Absorb for a couple of weeks.  I cannot say I see a major change, but do believe I will see some changes after taking it a few more weeks.  Like anything you have to give it time to show results. It is a low dose (5mg) that is clinically proven high absorption rate that fulfills the daily absorbed iron needs.  A lower dose is gentler, so there is less chance of constipation or upset stomach. I have noticed that I do a have more energy.  I have stated in previous posts, I like to take my supplements in the morning.  I feel like I am starting my day off right.  I rarely wake up feeling refreshed, so I need this.

pur-Absorb cost $19.95 and is sold in packs of 28-5 mg packets.  I do not have to measure anything and take it on the go. It is available at CVS and Walgreens stores nationwide.

So far I trust that Spatone pur-Absorb Iron is fulfilling my daily iron needs, I am going to continue taking it.  I am looking forward to having more energy and increasing my iron levels.

getresource Spatone Pur-Absorb Iron Review