McDonald’s McWrap Giveaway- Healthy Food Menu

McWrap McDonald's McWrap Giveaway- Healthy Food Menu

A couple of weeks ago I tried the New McDonald McWrap at the SoCal McWrap Party. Well, now I am hosting a McWrap giveaway.

Since the McWrap Party, I have returned to McDonald’s and  purchased the new premium wraps for my family.  We were out and needed something quick.  We went through the McDonald’s drive thru and were able to arrive to our event on time and I did not feel too bad about what we were eating. I do not eat a lot of fast food, but since Mc Donald’s seems to be creating a healthy food menu, I do not feel as bad about eating the McWrap and let’s not forget they are delicious.  Again, the four McWraps are the following and their fast food nutrition facts are:

Sweet Chili Chicken McWrap: Sweet chili sauce, creamy garlic sauce, and sliced cucumbers (calories: grilled, 360; crispy, 520)
Chicken & Bacon McWrap: Creamy garlic sauce, bacon, cheddar jack cheese and tomato (calories: grilled, 440; crispy, 600)
Chicken & Ranch McWrap: Ranch sauce, seasoned rice vinegar, cheddar jack cheese, sliced cucumbers and tomato (calories: grilled, 430; crispy, 590)

Here is an opportunity for you to try these delicious wraps.

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McWrap McDonald's McWrap Giveaway- Healthy Food Menu


  1. YES! I just had my very first Chicken and Bacon wrap the other day and LOVED it. What a great option to have healthy food available at McDonalds. GOOD move on their part. Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  2. I have not tried these but I keep reminding myself I need to. Like you I don't eat out a lot but this sounds good enough to make a stop. Thanks!

  3. I haven't been to Mickie D's in awhile. Maybe some free coupons whould inspire me to return

  4. If I win I'll take you on a date to McD's and we can try them together!

  5. I have not tried them yet. They look pretty good though

  6. I haven't tried the new McWraps, but I want to! They sound awesome.

  7. Hi! I am a winner, but I did not get an email. How do I claim my prize?

    workingmom777 @ live (dot) com

  8. Hi Karen,

    I am sorry. I planned on emailing you, I was not in position to do so, planned on sending emails shortly. I will email you right now. I wanted to at least announce the winners.

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