Newport Landing Whale Watching Review

DSCN2112 Newport Landing Whale Watching Review

I have never gotten sea sick before.  Well, I guess not until my family and I went whale watching for 2 1/2 hours with Newport Landing Whale Watching .

I had scheduled this trip on a day well in advance and as the date got closer I was pleased, because the temperature was going to be 80 degrees.  I just knew this would be the perfect day for whale watching.

My son was extremely excited, because he loves whales, dolphins and sharks.  We arrived at Newport Landing an hour before our boat was supposed to depart.  I am so glad we arrived early, because there was a line filed out of the door, with people trying to go whale watching.  After our reservation was confirmed, we ready to board.  Once on board, I realized there was limited seating and was very happy that my family was able to get a seat.

I was very excited when our journey to see the whales began.  I was not the only one filled with excitement, other passengers were scoping the ocean with their cameras.  After a few miles out, the captain of this boat announced that he saw something to the left of the boat, people were making a mad dash to the left side of the boat to see whatever was in the water.  I saw it and cannot remember the name.  The people on my side of the boat were asking what was it.  I tried to get a photo of it, but for  some reason I could not.  Filled with so much excitement that I saw something I thought I was ready for more, until “it” hit me.  I began feeling sick.  I had to sit down.  I then realized, although it seemed like it would be a nice day, the water was very choppy and the boat was moving a lot more than I anticipated.

I was not the only one to experience this.  It seems as though there was a ripple affect.  People were getting sick on the boat.  I began to think, “Oh now, please do not let me get as sick as these people.”  My children began to ask, “Are you okay, Mom?”  All I could do was place my head down and not move.  My friend came with us and thank God she had some Tums.  I was in luck, so I thought.  As soon as I felt sea sick, I heard over the intercom, “If you would look to right, you will see a ______whale.”  My son was screaming, “YAY….come on Mom.”  Just as quick as I made a leap up, I had to sit down.  This has never happened to me.  Everyone saw whatever was in the water.  I missed it on this trip.  When we returned to port, I was very thankful.

Although, I did not see very much, my family did and had a good time.  I did not get any pictures, because my head was buried in my harms on the table.  My children purchased drinks and snacks at the bar area inside.  I missed that as well.  We rented the binoculars, they worked very well, my son and daughter said they saw a lot.  I never got to use mine.  In a nutshell, I missed everything.  But this is a great memory to have on the books.

I did not have a bad time overall.  Because, we have been joking about this since then.   The best advice I can offer is never go whale watching on a day when the water is choppy and if so come prepared.

DSCN2112 Newport Landing Whale Watching Review


DSCN2112 Newport Landing Whale Watching Review


  1. Oh that is really too bad you missed seeing the whales due to sea sickness 🙁 . We are planning a family whale watching tour next month – so thank you for the tips!

  2. I would love to go whale watching! So sorry about being sea sick. That happened to my husband and I one time when we went deep sea fishing. Spent the entire day laying down on a bench. Ugh! Better luck with your next venture.

  3. You should go. I see we had the same experience. I contemplated on the bench as well. All I could do is pray for it be over. But, it has been something for us to laugh about. Thanks!

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