Treat Gifts Review and Five Treat Card Credit Giveaway

Just last week I purchased a card on for my son’s, friend Farrah.  Farrah and my son are great friends and I wanted to create the perfect birthday card. I was so excited, because I had pictures of them over the past year and was able to make the cutest card that represented their friendship and her birthday.  Since my son was not with me when I created the card I felt good knowing that Treat has great happy birthday card messages. After creating the card I promised myself I would not show my son, when the card arrived; because I was afraid he would tell her about the card and it would not be a surprise.  The card arrived on the exact date Treat said it would.  When I opened the envelope my heart melted.  It was so adorable.  I could not resist.  I showed my son the card.  He was so excited.  He has promised he would not tell Farrah about the card, but I know how kids can be.  He has not mentioned it any more, so I think he may have kept his word.  The birthday party is tomorrow and I cannot wait to see her reaction.

Treat is a great site to personalize cards if you choose to, purchase personalized gifts, purchase gift cards and there are many other gift options.
With Mother’s Day approaching Treat will make my gift and card giving a little easier.  They offer some of the best Mother’s Day card ideas. I am positive I will be using Treat for my cards and if I decide to purchase gifts or if I need gift cards I will do so as well.  I really like the personalized mugs and easels.  But I really like the easel, because it allows me to not have to purchase a picture frame.  It saves time and money.

Treat also has great customer service.  Recently I sent a card to someone and they said they had not received it. They said they did not think it was Treats fault, they believed their mail carrier was getting everyone’s mail wrong in their neighborhood.   I called Treat and told them the story and they immediately sent out another card and gave me a credit.  Customer service like this also allows me to be comfortable with my purchases.

With Mother’s Day, Father’s Day graduations and other holidays approaching I am sure many of you need cards.  I am giving away five Treat card credits.

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Treat-Greeting-Cards Treat Gifts Review and Five Treat Card Credit Giveaway

Discloser: I have been compensated with product in exchange for posting this campaign.

Treat-Greeting-Cards Treat Gifts Review and Five Treat Card Credit Giveaway


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